Sam Rohrer Asks Gleason To Hear The People

Sam Rohrer Asks Gleason To Hear The People — Reader PhilM asks if we had received the letter from prospective GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Rohrer regarding his request to sign an on-line petition to state Republican Party Chairman Robert Gleason that party leaders refrain from making an endorsement in the primary race.

The answer is yes and here it is:

(And yes, I signed the petition)

Dear Friends,

My entire career I have fought for openness and reform, and in this Senate race, that will not change.

That’s why I have stated my view today that the Pennsylvania Republican Party should not make a formal endorsement before the Primary. We have launched a petition at, asking Chairman Gleason to keep the Primary process open and fair. Will you join me and sign the petition?

A top-down endorsement process is counter-productive to defeating Sen. Casey and winning Pennsylvania for our eventual Republican nominee for President. Let me explain: after endorsing, the Pennsylvania GOP sends out a letter to all the County Chairman, and here’s what they tell them:

1. Only candidates endorsed by the PA GOP should be recognized and/or allowed to speak at official events such as county dinners, endorsement meetings, candidate forums, etc. Endorsed candidates and staff should be able to attend gatherings as complimentary guests.

2. County Chairs, county party staff, and county party members should NOT be circulating petitions for statewide candidates who have been endorsed by the PA GOP.

3. County Chairs, county party staff, and county party members should only be distributing materials for candidates that have been endorsed by the PA GOP.

4. County Chairs should decline any promotion materials from non-endorsed candidates.

These kinds of pressure tactics are not worthy of the Republican Party. This kind of thing will only serve to alienate the members of the Tea Party, sow division within our ranks, and make it harder to ultimately elect a Republican U.S. Senator.

We’ve got nothing to be afraid of from having a fair, unbiased Republican Primary in April. In fact, it will strengthen our Party and allow us to bring new people in to the process. If you agree, please go to, and sign the petition.

When you’re done, if you could forward it to your family and friends, and share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages, I’d be ever so grateful.

You have my word that in this campaign, I will always stand up for grassroots conservatives, even when sometimes it makes folks uncomfortable. And as your nominee, I will speak the truth to Sen. Casey and President Obama.

Thanks for your support!


Sam Rohrer

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