Tucker Carlson Demolishes Jonathan Allen

Tucker Carlson Demolishes Jonathan Allen — The times they are a changin’. Tucker Carlson left Roll Call columnist Jonathan Allen literally red faced with shame after an interview, yesterday, Nov. 18, on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Allen smeared Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, as racist in an innuendo-filled but fact-free column. Tucker Carlson Demolishes Jonathan Allen

Carlson repeatedly asked for specifics leaving the hapless swamp-dwelling hack sputtering in helplessness.

It was beautiful to watch and one can see it below. Carlson’s show airs 7  weeknights on Fox News Channel.

Tucker Carlson Demolishes Jonathan Allen

4 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Demolishes Jonathan Allen”

  1. LOVE Tucker Carlson! We need more like him who will hold the feet of these biased, so-called “journalists” to the fire. He’s a great addition to FOX.

  2. Damn I missed!

    Tucker Carlson sounds like a good addition to Fox.

    Now if they’d get rid of Juan Williams, Megyn Kelly and Geraldo Riveria I’d watch more of it.

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