Women In Combat And The Fools Who Rule Us

Obama’s Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Jan. 23, lifted the long-standing ban on women in combat to the cheers of a lot of rich and government-connected people who will not have to feel the consequences of the decision.

Does this mean that women will have to register for the draft and be subject to combat involuntarily?

Apparently, yes.

It would have been nice if they let us know their thinking back in November dontcha think?

Anyway, people who believe sexual differences are insignificant, emotions irrelevant and that combat is somehow an experience to desire now rule us.

The only word to fairly describe  them is “fools”.

A few weeks ago, Joe Eastman of Broad Street Ministry, who is a retired naval officer, spoke to the Independence Hall Tea Party Association about his group’s mission for homeless veterans. He said more women are using their service. These veterans have been traumatized by sexual assault. It was not done at the hands of the enemy.

Expect more of this. Conversely expect a percentage of females to start playing up to male superiors to avoid undesirable jobs like combat. Expect resentment among their male peers. Expect less focus on getting the job done. With gays now openly serving expect unworldly 18-year-old males to be subject to sexual harassment and assault.

Expect bad things because that’s we are going to get.

3 thoughts on “Women In Combat And The Fools Who Rule Us”

  1. So your argument for why women should continue to be treated as second class citizens is because if we treat them as equals, men will feel resentful and rape them. Really? That’s your argument? *facepalm*

  2. You do know that we got rid of the draft after vietnam, right? And who are you to say who can and can’t serve in the military? I’ve never seen you sign up to serve your country. It’s great that you’re such a homophobic, sexist bigot. FYI, I don’t need to kiss up to any guy for special treatment. I can kick ass on my own…..and another tip…..gays have been in the military for a long time. They’re just openly allowed now thanks to don’t ask, don’t tell being repealed. Why don’t you do your research first? And expect a lot of comments on your site….it’s been shared.

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