Phil Bancroft, A Legendary Figure

I just learned that my cousin, Phil Bancroft of Bucks County, has died. He was 64. He died in his sleep and it was unexpected.

Phil was born in California and we didn’t see much of his family — his mom, Helen, was my dad’s sister — until they moved back to Philly when he was about 14. We’d go up to Mayfair for Thanksgiving and they’d come down to Delco for Christmas.

The highlight would be a touch football game with my brothers.

He graduated from Lincoln High School, and then Temple with an accounting degree.

He married a beautiful wife, Denise, and had three great kids, Phillip III, Danielle and Kristen.

He ended up as chief financial officer and executive vice president at Chubb Limited.

This online tribute describes him as a “legendary figure” in the world’s financial sector.

We are going to miss you Phil.

Services are 10 a.m. -noon, Nov. 7, at Joseph A. Fluehr III Funeral Home, 800 Newtown Richboro Road, Richboro, Pa. 18954

Phil Bancroft, A Legendary Figure
Phil is back right. His father, Phil Sr, is next to him and he is holding his mother, Helen. His wife, Denise, is to the left of Helen.

Dropbox Mule Caught In Delaware County Pa?

Dropbox Mule Caught In Delaware County Pa? Updated here.

This video is being passed around by the police departments in Delaware County, Pa. and the powers-that-be in the courthouse know about it.

The confrontation occurred after a resident thought he saw this fellow stuffing things into a ballot dropbox on Highland Avenue in Lansdowne about 9:15 a.m., yesterday, Nov. 1.

Police were called after he left and have his name. A report was taken.

The election is Nov. 7.

Three judges — Richard M. Cappelli, Barry C. Dozor, and William Chip Mackrides — who won their seats 10 years ago as endorsed Republicans are up for retention elections.

The Soros Democrats have targeted them.

That a judge, much less three, without serious controversy or scandal would be targeted for removal in a retention vote is unprecedented.

Most voters will vote to retain or not bother filling in the circle generally.

This makes the judges, however, a soft and unexpected target for a ballot stuffing attack.

It dovetails well with what Elon Musk said.

“(George) Soros realized that you don’t need to change the laws, you just need to change how they are enforced,” Musk said. “If nobody chooses to enforce the laws or if the laws are differentially enforced it’s like changing laws”

Get out and vote Tuesday.

The higher the turnout, the harder it is going to be to steal the election.

Make sure you vote to retain the three judges.

Dropbox Mule Caught In Delaware County Pa? -- This video is being passed around by the police departments in Delaware County, Pa.

Dropbox Mule Caught In Delaware County Pa

Delco Council Won’t Condemn Hamas

Delco Council Won’t Condemn Hamas — We heard that despite requests from citizens yesterday, Nov. 1, and on Oct. 31, Delaware County Council has refused to issue a proclamation condemning the Oct. 7 terror attack by Hamas on Israel during which 1,400 of its citizens were killed and unspeakable atrocities committed; nor would it issue a proclamation in support of Israel.

This would be understandable if it had a consistent policy of restraint in expressing opinions but this bunch has declared June to be a month to celebrate homosexuality and has lighted the courthouse in the colors of a movement to convince children they can change their sex.

And yes, we remember Councilwoman Christine Reuther smearing Joy Schwartz for several months as an anti-semite because Mrs. Schwartz called out the Soros money being funneled to Democrats.

Karma happens and now Joy, whose husband is Jewish, is running against her Nov. 7 on the Republican ticket.

And she has a chance at winning.

For what it’s worth Hamas must be destroyed and every decent person must be willing to declare it.

Delco Council Won't Condemn Hamas

Delco Council Won’t Condemn Hamas

Candidates In Commonwealth Court Race Have Military On Resumes

Candidates In Commonwealth Court Race Have Military On Resumes — Republican-endorsed Megan Martin is facing Democrat-endorsed Matt Wolf to fill a vacancy Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.

Commonwealth Court is where civil actions against the Commonwealth start and where appeals are made regarding decisions in county courts of common pleas, and state agencies.

Candidates In Commonwealth Court Race Have Military On Resumes

Megan Martin is a native Delaware Countian, the fifth of six children. She moved to Central Pennsylvania to attend Law School. She graduated Widener U Law School and now lives in Mechanicsburg with her husband, Scott, three children and a dog in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

She has served as an attorney for the United States Navy, and all three branches of the Pennsylvania Government.

“I checked my politics at the door of the capitol every day,”  she says.

Ahe states she broke the glass ceiling at the Senate “by becoming the first and only woman to serve as it’s secretary-parliamentarian since the position was created in statute more than 100 years ago.”

In November 2022, she received the Widener Law Commonwealth Excellence in Public Service Award.

Matthew Wolf is a second-generation lawyer who graduated from Rutgers University in Camden.

Candidates In Commonwealth Court Race Have Military On Resumes

He is supervising judge for the municipal division of The Philadelphia Municipal Court. 

He says he did a lot of work “for recovery homes under the Fair Housing Act fighting attempts to shut them down.”  He has been a Lawyer for a quarter of a century.  He also worked to reduce the impact arising from evictions filed during the pandemic by requiring pre-filing meditation

Wolf served as an officer in the United States Army Reserve from 2003 to 2020 and, after resigning his commission, serves as a drilling enlisted Cavalry scout soldier in Alpha Troop, 1st Squadron, 104th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 28th Infantry Division.

Candidates In Commonwealth Court Race Have Military On Resumes

Chesco Wipes Protected Count From Voting Machines

Chesco Wipes Protected Count From Voting Machines is courtesy of ChescoUnited:

The Voter Services department in Chester County, Pennsylvania has wiped the “protected counts” off their voting machines, raising questions about their motives. This unexpected act was revealed to observers while voting machines were undergoing normal “logic and accuracy” testing in preparation for the upcoming November 7, 2023 Municipal Election.

As explained by Karen Barsoum, Chester County Director of Voter Services, the protected count on a voting machine should be the total number of ballots put into the machine over its lifetime, which accumulates up like a car’s odometer.

When thinking of a car, you can reset the trip odometer, but should not be able to roll back the lifetime odometer. Since the protected counts on voting machines are supposed to be “protected,” hence the name, why would the county eliminate this history? Why would county elections officials not want anyone to be able to see on the machine itself how many ballots went into it previously?

In the county’s defense, they stated that they made a log of all the protected counts recorded from each machine. This is according to an observer that was present. The concern is, did they have Democrat and Republican observers when they recorded the protected counts? Was it just the Voter Services staff present? Was it just the ES&S vendor? How can they prove the count they wrote down is accurate?

According to the same observer, another observer present asked why the change was made. At first, a Voter Services employee explained that the voting machine protected counts were wiped as part of a system upgrade that was performed in the summer, and that they had problems with the protected count in the past. This answer causes many questions to come to mind: What problems was this employee referring to? Where are the problems documented? What was the effect? These questions must be asked and answers must be provided by the county.

When Karen Barsoum explained the change, she also stated that the protected counts were cleared when there was a system upgrade over the summer. She said it was a state-certified upgrade to a new version of software (EVS 6300) – and that every county with ES&S machines in PA received this upgrade. As part of the upgrade, they removed the memory cards from the machines and replaced them with higher capacity memory cards. It was likened to changing a camera’s memory card. The question now is who has the old memory cards that were taken out of the voting machines? Are they in the possession of the county or does ES&S have them?

Chester County officials removing protected counts reminds the public of the problems uncovered in Mesa County, Colorado in 2021. This was when Dominion Voting Systems installed what they called a “Trusted Build” update on their Election Management System in May of 2021, which was ordered by the Colorado Secretary of State. According to the Mesa #3 report, this update destroyed critical election records on the EMS hard drive.

According to an additional, Mesa # 1 report, “Federal law requires the preservation of election records – which includes records in electronic or digital form – for twenty-two months after an election. Forensic examination found that election records, including data described in the Federal Election Commissions’ 2002 Voting System Standards (VSS) had been destroyed on Mesa County’s voting systems, by the system vendor. Because similar system modifications were reportedly performed upon county election servers across the state, it is possible, if not likely, that such destruction in violation of state and federal law has occurred in numerous other counties.”

This leads us to wonder if anything else was erased from the county’s voting machines, especially our Election Management System, that has not been disclosed to the public.

Other issues that must be addressed are the problems with the Chester County voter rolls and how the Board of Elections is going to eliminate the possibility of people casting fraudulent ballots using names listed in the voter rolls which are ineligible to vote.

Chesco Wipes Protected Count From Voting Machines is courtesy of ChescoUnited:

Chesco Wipes Protected Count From Voting Machines is courtesy of ChescoUnited:

Pauline Braccio, A Remarkable Soul

Pauline Braccio, A Remarkable Soul — We just heard the sad news that our dear friend Pauline Braccio has died. It was unexpected and it appears she passed away in her sleep.

She was one of the most courageous women in the state.

Keep her daughter Olivia in your prayers.

Stan Cascio read this tribute to her on his Don’t Back Down Show on WWDB

I would like to take a moment today to remember and honor a remarkable soul, Pauline Braccio, whose untimely passing has left a void in our hearts. Pauline was not just a big supporter of the “Don’t Back Down Show,” but a true advocate for the underdog. She was a passionate believer in the values that underpin our society – fairness, justice, and the right to be heard.

Pauline understood that politics was not just about ideology, but about ensuring that the government served the best interests of its people. She was tireless in her efforts to hold politicians accountable, especially those who seemed more interested in their own gain than the safety of our streets. Pauline was a voice for those who were treated unjustly and fought for the right to question and speak freely, not bound by the constraints of a mere two minutes.

Pauline Braccio was a one-of-a-kind individual, a shining beacon in our community. Her determination to make a difference set her apart, and her loyalty knew no bounds. She gave her all to support her beloved daughter, Olivia, and the people she held dear.

As we mourn the loss of Pauline, we are comforted by the knowledge that her American spirit and her love for her daughter Olivia her family and her friends will continue to envelop us. Pauline’s legacy will live on in the values she championed and the lives she touched.

In Pauline’s memory, let us commit to carrying forward the torch of justice, fairness, and the unwavering belief in the power of one individual to make a difference. Pauline’s legacy will be our inspiration to keep fighting for a world where everyone is treated fairly, where voices are heard, and where the underdogs find champions.

Rest in peace, dear Pauline Braccio. Your spirit will forever be with us, guiding us towards a better, more just world. Stan Casacio

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October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces. J.K. Rowling Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.
J.K. Rowling