Councilwoman Implies Delco Didn’t Celebrate Transgenderism; Gets Called Out

Councilwoman Implies Delco Didn’t Celebrate Transgenderism; Gets Called Out — Delaware County (Pa) Councilwoman  Christine A. Reuther, implied a transgender celebration did not happen at the courthouse and got called out by the citizens.

Joann Stump of Newtown Square and Carris Kocher of Glen Mills both spoke out against the event at this evening’s, April 5, council meeting.

Mrs. Stump noted that on March 31 the county held a ceremony in which the courthouse was lit up in the colors of the transgender movement and transgender flags were displayed.

She, rightfully, pointed out that this movement is a hateful attack on children and that encouraging children not to talk to parents is a technique used by pedophiles.

She quoted Matthew 18 regarding the fate of those who harm children.

Mrs. Kocher, who also noted that Delco’s council is the legislative body most opposed to transparency she has ever seen, said that what was once thought to be the most egregious crimes against children are now celebrated. She quoted Patrick Henry and said that a virtuous people will be blessed but a people that rejects virtue will be cursed.

In Council remarks, Ms. Reuther disingenuously claimed a transgender flag was never flown from a flag pole and said she doesn’t want the Bible dictating her health care.

Christine, if you ever want to become a man that is your business but this twisted concept should never be suggested to children. For what it’s worth, encouraging self-mutilation and self-hate for anyone is as bad as encouraging suicide.

Would you yell “jump” to someone standing on a ledge?

After the meeting, Mrs. Kocher confronted her and she confessed that Max Bennet’s story in the Media Patch was correct. The courthouse was lit in pink and blue, and small transgender flags were displayed.

Other Speakers

Also speaking were Scott Thomas of Broomall who thanked county Director of Elections Jim Allen for having a public hashtag testing event; and Elizabeth of Ridley who said the county’s Children and Youth Services is not providing adequate help for children and caregivers and is ignoring complaints, as does council.

Department Updates

In other matters County Controller Joanne Phillips updated Council about her department saying that the number of county employees have increased dramatically. She also said county audits are now available free online. Ms. Phillips also said the county now lists unclaimed property on its website before it is sent to the state the property may be claimed by filling this form. She said Delco has returned $46,618 so far.

Also speaking was Health Director Melissa Lyon, who noted her department had just celebrated its first birthday.

A presentation was made for National Library Week. All were encouraged to get library cards which could be either obtained from one’s local library or online.

Why Fight Open Records Appeal?

Solicitor William Martin said the county received more than 500 open record requests last year and requests this year are on about the same pace. He said the county has the right to refuse certain requests and the the one whose request is refused has the right to appeal. He says if the request is granted upon appeal, the “disappointed party” may appeal that to Common Pleas Court, which is what the county is doing to a request it denied but was granted upon appeal.

Hey Bill, why not just, you know, let the public know what is going on with Fort Orange Press of Albany, N.Y., which prints the county’s ballots. There shouldn’t be a controversy.

Or is there something to hide?

The meeting started at 5 p.m., an hour early, to avoid conflict with Passover.

Councilwoman Implies Delco Didn't Celebrate Transgenderism; Gets Called Out

6 thoughts on “Councilwoman Implies Delco Didn’t Celebrate Transgenderism; Gets Called Out”

  1. Bill Lawrence nailed it once again by calling out the Delco hypocrites, Councilwoman Christine Reuther and Solicitor William Martin. Chairwoman Monica Taylor, who was once a Republican, looked shaken to the core when confronted by Mrs. Stump and Mrs. Kocher.

    1. Where can I see a video of this woman shaking to the core because I’m over these people thinking they can just do what they want out of sheer power without consulting the general population.

  2. Good for Ms. Stump and Ms. Kocher!

    This transgender movement is getting out of hand and in many instances is truly insane. I mean no disrespect whatsoever to those who truly suffer from gender dysphoria, but there is no question that it’s a social contagion and becoming a fad for revolting virtue signalers like this Reuther character. Who ever elected such a person?

    So many seem to be jumping on the transgender bandwagon, all over the country. It’s one thing for grown adults whose brains are fully developed to choose this lifestyle; it’s quite another to encourage this for minors who can suffer irreparable damage if they act on this at a young age and then decide later on (which the vast majority do) that they want to revert to their original gender.

    And BTW, is the “transgender flag” the same as the PRIDE flag? Just wondering.

    1. The transgender flag ️‍⚧️ is baby blue, pink, and white, colors out of a child’s nursery, revealing what this movement is truly about. The Pied Piper is among us and people don’t see it.

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