Stenstrom And Leah Will Use Truth Defense In Election Defamation Suit

Stenstrom And Leah Will Use Truth Defense In Election Defamation Suit –Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Michael E. Erdos is considering a request by President Donald Trump’s attorneys for a stay in the defamation suit filed against him by former Delaware County, Pa. Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor James Savage.

Trump has implied that Savage was involved in rigging the 2020 election.

The hearing was, today, Nov. 17, in Courtroom 650 in City Hall.

Attorney Mike Madaio said the stay was needed to protect the President’s 5th Amendment rights in the criminal trials he is facing.

Granting the stay would likely mean separating the case from his co-defendants former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Delaware County poll watchers Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, which would mean two trials.

It had been incorrectly reported that the President was dropped from the case. Judge Erdos did rule, though, that things Trump said about the Nov. 25, 2020 legislative hearing in Gettysburg, along with a tweet, couldn’t be used against him due to presidential immunity.

Granted that is much of the case.

Concerning Giuliani, Erdos ruled that because he failed respond to discovery requests from plaintiff attorney Conor Corcoran, he would be restricted in his challenges to evidence Corcoran introduces.

The most interesting part of the hearing was Stenstrom’s statement that he would rely on a truth defense. Truth is an absolute defense in defamation matters albeit it is one of the few things that it is up to the defendant to prove.

Strenstrom also read his work history which included a cyber intelligence command in the Navy, and projects with the FBI, CIA and local law enforcement. He noted that he was instrumental in forcing the resignations of a Camden, N.J. mayor and Philadelphia School Superintendent Ann Ackerman.

Stenstrom did ask for the case to be summarily dismissed because Corcoran failed to supply adequate material evidence in suit, which is a requirement in Pennsylvania law.

Stenstrom said the only material evidence presented by Corcoran was a photograph that appeared to show him sleeping during ballot counting. If Stenstrom had fallen asleep it would have meant he could have missed some of the things he said didn’t happen.

Stenstrom said Corcoran refused to provide a time and place as to when the photo was taken, and that the photo had been scrubbed of meta-data providing the information. Most damningly for Corcoran, he displayed the identification and lanyard from the photo and pointedly noted that it was from the 2022 election.

Why would Corcoran imply it was from 2020?

Feel free to surmise.

Ms. Hoopes was chastised at the start of the trial by the judge for a video that appeared on the web in which she called Corcoran some nasty names. Erdos said that even though she and Stenstrom are representing themselves they will be held to the same standards of attorneys with regard to decorum.

At the appropriate moment, she gave a blistering response noting several things Corcoran falsely said about her including calling her a terrorist and attacking her religion.

She said she had never been arrested, unlike Savage, and had never had a shady business partner, unlike Savage, who owned property with former State Rep. Margo Davidson.

Erdos agreed that Corcoran crossed the line several times and gave him the same warning he gave Ms. Hoopes.

Ms. Hoopes said Savage’s ex-wife is willing to testify to rebut Leslie Lebowitz an expert witness for Savage. Ms. Lebowitz was a key witness in a defamation suit against Trump.

She refuted Savage’s claims that they caused his heart attack by making him fearful and stressed by pointing out that he was seen protesting in Virginia outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

The trail is expected before summer, although whether The Donald will be a participant remains a question.

Stenstrom And Leah Will Use Truth Defense In Election Defamation Suit

Europeans Experiencing Migration ‘Compassion Fatigue’

Europeans Experiencing Migration ‘Compassion Fatigue’

By Joe Guzzardi

An article published in The Spectator, a British weekly and the world’s oldest magazine, should raise eyebrows in the U.S., especially among voters who consider the Southwest border disaster a national security threat. The story, “In Europe, opposing mass migration can be a crime,” summarizes a bleak demographic future for the EU. “Europeans will vote for politicians who want to stop the migration, and they may even come into office, but the situation will not change,” adds the subhead.

All across Europe, citizens are ringing alarm bells to convey their apprehension about mass immigration. This summer, long-serving Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned after the government coalition he led disagreed on how to stem the refugee flow into the Netherlands. Rutte’s departure is the latest example of migration politics as an increasingly challenging predicament for European officials, with conservative parties using their rising influence to promote reduced immigration in campaign platforms.

For Europeans, the stakes are high. Over centuries, national identities have been formed with commonality in heritage, language, religion, custom and history. Immigration threatens to destabilize or destroy those commonalities. With one coalition already toppled in the Netherlands, experts say similar issues face leaders in GermanyItaly and perhaps France and Spain. A Pew Research report found that majorities or pluralities in most EU nations want less immigration into their countries. Many that Pew polled believe that immigrants remain distinct from the broader culture, and they further worry that immigration increases terrorism risks.

Much like the immigration crisis that began when President Biden assumed office in 2021, five years ago more than 1 million people crossed into Europe, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The migrants took huge risks, embarking on dangerous journeys in search of better lives. All said that they had no future in their native countries. But some died along the way; others once they arrived at their destination could not find meaningful employment.

Receiving countries, however, adopted then-German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “Wir schaffen das” or “We can manage” philosophy. With significant grassroots volunteer assistance, the countries did indeed get by, at least in the beginning. But as the numbers of incoming migrants grew, so did compassion fatigue. Merkel eventually dropped her slogan. In the end, asylum requests far outnumbered approvals at about a 4-1 ratio, meaning that only a small percentage of migrants had valid claims to remain in countries they hoped would embrace them.

As with opposition that grew in the EU, resistance to Biden’s open borders has grown in the U.S. In areas where migrant overflow has most severely affected communities, the backlash is significant, although not yet a crime as The Spectator story inferred it might one day be. New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston and Denver have pled for federal assistance, a plea consistently ignored by the administration.

Time will tell whether President Biden’s open border agenda will topple his 2024 re-election bid. The three recent debates with GOP candidates skirted immigration, and the expansionist faction stifles meaningful discussion. Any suggestion that poorly managed and too much immigration contributes to unsustainable population growth and overcrowding, placing an estimated $20 billion financial burden on taxpayers, is shouted down with allegations of racism and xenophobia. This sophomoric, but too-often successful tactic, often sways crucial, independent voters.

The question that The Spectator raised – “Will the situation [immigration] change?” – is the crux of the matter. Whatever the eventual presidential nominees may have said on the stump, the elected president is only part of the immigration equation. Although Biden has ignored virtually every enforcement-related immigration law, marching down his own unconstitutional path, Congress has the sole responsibility to lead the way.

A year from now, voters will need to focus on electing congressional candidates who genuinely want an immigration policy that’s designed to help America, a huge challenge. Today, Congress is mostly split on immigration along party lines, although the House GOP has several representatives who bow to the donor class that wants more cheap labor delivered via immigration.

Overcoming five decades of lax enforcement is a steep mountain to climb, as is voiding legislation designed to attract more immigration, such as the spate of employment-based visas that President George H.W. Bush signed into law with the Immigration Act of 1990.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, the 2024 election could be America’s last chance to retain its sovereignty. Maintaining the status quo means that, assuming the current migrant entry rate, by the 2028 election between 15 and 20 million unvetted illegal immigrants would be residing in the U.S., a treasonous act.

Europeans Experiencing Migration ‘Compassion Fatigue’ An article published in The Spectator, a British weekly and the world’s oldest magazine, should raise

Europeans Experiencing Migration ‘Compassion Fatigue’

Fighting the Medical Industrial Complex

 Fighting the Medical Industrial Complex

By Bob Small

Recently, I read that Children’s Health Defense (CHD) was kicked off Facebook and Instagram. Having been at the Second Annual CHD conference, I wondered who was really spreading medical disinformation, they or the US government, specifically one Anthony Fauci.

Everyone I met and the speakers I heard, and the films seen at the conference in Savannah, GA, Nov 2-5, all spoke of receiving not misinformation but suppressed information. These were regular Americans who felt they had been lied to. Of course, our government never lies. You can ask it!

From that left-wing conspiracy journal The New York Times: The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid 

Never Again is Now Global is a documentary film series by Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav.

Another important film is Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016). At the conference I watched the sequel to this film, which was quite alarming, discussing many of the adverse effects that children may have suffered from Vaccinations.

The Defender is the online newsletter published by CHD.

Like any group, the CHD has both detractors and its supporters.

The arm  known as CHD-TV also produces many videos.

CHD has been sending a bus called Vax-Unvax on a tour throughout the country, interviewing people in each location who have suffered vaccine-related injuries. It is still touring. 

Stories of the vaccinated is an article that discusses some of these bus interviews.

Interview 1839 – A Million People Need to Share This … is an audio interview with some doctors affiliated with CHD about issues regarding the WHO (World Health Organization) and its recent conduct regarding vaccination protocols.

Of course, you can find a plethora of media articles that attempt to discredit CHD.

Everyone should study all sides of the vaccination issue and make up their minds.

The “lamestream” media will try and make up your mind for you. Do you remember “weapons of mass destruction” and “the light at the end of the tunnel”? I thought you might.

Thanks to Carol and Don Kennedy who also attended this conference and shared their insights.

Fighting the Medical Industrial Complex

 Fighting the Medical Industrial Complex

Every one desires to live long William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-17-23

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Abraham Lincoln