State Races Got Higher Totals Than Local Ones

State Races Got Higher Totals Than Local Ones

By Loranne Mazzulo

I live in Edgmont, Delaware County, Pa. and I was a school board candidate for for the Rose Tree Media School District on Nov. 7.

I would like to say I am making NO accusations or asserting that I am 100 percent correct on some of the things I am going to explain.

I will be clear that I was not looking for what I happened to come across.

This began when I couldn’t believe that Bob Steiner, running for Edgmont Township Supervisor, lost the election. Edgmont is a Republican community, Bob is extremely well liked and respected, hence my shock. So I started flipping through the election results in both precincts in Edgmont. I live in Precinct 1.

As I was reviewing these results it seemed extremely odd that there would be significantly more number of votes cast in the election for the Justice of the Supreme Court, as opposed to a local and very popular township supervisor election. Edgmont has been battling the school district for the past two years and this race between the two supervisors has been highly anticipated. There is no way more people would cast votes for the higher offices than the local ones.

There is not another race that had more votes than the Supreme Court race between MCCaffery and Carluccio on the Edgmont result sheets!

I am not a super political person, I am familiar with races in general but basically I’m just the average citizen. So I thought to myself… “if I were going to go and just vote one race, would it be the BIG statewide race that I knew very little about??? NO WAY!!!

Why would there be more votes in the Supreme Court Race??? If you care that much about politics to vote in the Supreme Court Race, you would also care about your local politics that affect your everyday life.

Ok so here is what I found as I went through reviewing the Edgmont in-person voting for two person races.

Edgmont 1

Justice of Supreme Court (McCaffrey/Carluccio) Cast Votes: 763

Judge of Commonwealth Court (Wolf/Martin) Cast Votes: 744

Judge of Common Pleas (Berry/Sutphin) Cast Votes: 747

DA (Stolsteimer/Miscichowski) Cst Votes: 750

Edgmont Auditor (DiPillo/Besvinick) Cast Votes: 743

Edgmont Supervisor (Thorne/Steiner) Cast Votes: 735

NOTE: 1% more votes cast for Supreme Court than next highest.

Edgmont 2

Supreme Court: 500

Commonwealth: 498

Common Pleas: 500

DA: 492

Auditor: 479

Supervisor: 492

There were 1 percent more votes in Edgmont 2 for Supreme Court (500) than local elections (492).

So you may think ahh 1 percent, that’s so small what’s the big deal?.

Well we are talking about 10 to 20 extra votes for SOMEONE in the Supreme Court race! That’s just one little town in PA. What if we look at the rest of the county????? Guess what pick a precinct in the county… you will see this same pattern. It doesn’t matter if it is 1 extra vote for the Supreme Court race or 20. It adds up! I have included a couple for your viewing. But rest assured this pattern repeats for every precinct I looked at! Think about it 1 percent, who is gonna notice, I only noticed because I was looking for something else. Its such a small amount barely matters, but in the grand scheme of a statewide election. It is HUGE!!!

Delaware County Results: More votes cast for the Supreme Court Race than any of the other county wide races:

Supreme Court: 113,022

CommonWealth Court: 111,352 Common Pleas: 111,319

That’s a difference of approximately 1670 votes, JUST from DELCO!!! There are 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania!! I also cant rule out that the two other elections above did not benefit from some extra votes as well, if that is the case we are looking at more votes than just 1670.

Next, if this is happening in Delaware County. Could it be happening in other counties? Why yes it is!!!

I will start with Erie County, because I think this is mostly what I would expect in an election::
This seems like it was not “tampered” with to me.

In person voting:

Supreme Court: 41482 Commonwealth Court: 40958 Common Pleas (local): 42031 Controller (local): 41441

Note I suspect other smaller counties, but not all, will look like this but I have not looked at them all.

Another small county is Adams. You have to look at local races that have 4 people and make the assumption that if you divide the total in two, and each voter voted for two people you get the total number of votes cast. (no 2 person races listed on county site) Copy is provided of Adams County.

Supreme court total votes cast: 22,797

Superior Court (Beck, Lane, Battista, Small): 40,843 divided by 2= @20,422 Commonwealth Court: 22654
Commissioner: 20,795

NOTE IF YOU COMPARE THE SECOND HIGHEST NUMBER OF VOTES, YOU ARE LOOKING AT @1% more for Supreme Court. . Remember this is likely 1 to 5 extra votes for Supreme Court at each precinct in Adams County.

I’m going to run through a few more larger counties but the same thing repeats!!! Court race has MORE votes. .

Lancaster County, in person::

Supreme Court: 97472 Commonwealth: 97121 Wills: 95491

Lehigh county:

Supreme Court: 73,554 Commonwealth: 73034 Controller: 72879 Coroner: 72,686

Bucks County:

Supreme Court: 197,631 Commonwealth: 196,778 Wills: 195,911 Treasurer: 196,085

Clerk of Ct: 195,595

Montgomery County In Person:

Supreme Court: 175, 225 Commonwealth: 174,103 Common Pleas: 172,804 Clerk of Courts: 173,143 Controller: 172,708


Supreme Court: 91310 Commonwealth: 90152 Sheriff: 90674

The Supreme


Supreme Court: 81625 Commonwealth: 80029 Controller: 81039 Wills: 80861

I’m going to end here, I have not looked at every County.
consistently appearing that more votes are being cast for the Supreme court race? Where are these votes coming from? We all know that next year is a presidential election, with the win of McCaffery the Supreme Court of PA is 5 Dems and 2 republicans!

Looking at Edgmont as an example, I can only surmise that either 13 people cast votes with ONLY the supreme court race checked off, or something crooked went on.

My hope is that I am completely wrong and I am missing something that will make all of this make sense. If I am not wrong I hope that someone will look into this and figure out what is going on.

State Races Got Higher Totals Than Local Ones

State Races Got Higher Totals Than Local Ones

Election Day 2023 In Swarthmore Pa

Election Day 2023 In Swarthmore Pa

By Bob Small

So we –me and Paula my wife — spent Tuesday, Nov 7, at our polling place on Rutgers Avenue, in the Cades Building in Swarthmore, Pa.  We were handing out information on behalf of two Republicans running for Borough Council. Did I really say Republicans? To paraphrase Admiral James Stockdale “Who am I and what am I doing here.?”

This started with there being a special election for Swarthmore Borough Council.

One of the candidates, Rob  M. Jordan, had contacted me and I shared my years of expertise, such as it is, from involvement with Green Party Politics.  Surprisingly, he followed my guidance, and both GOP Candidates made it on the ballot. 

This was the first time in decades that there was a contested election for Swarthmore Borough Council!  For some more perspective, see A Republican In Swarthmore.

So we spent the day and night, 8 to 8, asking people to “be part of history, vote in a Swarthmore Borough Council contested election.”

Usually, you could only vote for the Democrat.  Or not. Are elections for the Beijing City Council like this?

At any rate, several Democrats engaged with me during the campaigning. They know us from attending almost every Borough Council Meeting –we even received a citation for this — and considered Green and harmless. 

When one elected official, as part of his harangue, asked me why I would dare be doing this, I mentioned Swarthmore Council members who promised to vote against the Condo but ended up voting for it.

At least 80 percent of the public comment on this issue was against.  

Also mentioned was Council’s inability to prevent PECO doing massive replacement of trees for their new and taller electrical poles..

 Swarthmore has boasted about been a “tree city”.

Cell phone tower trees are not a replacement.

My candidates lost getting around 5 percent of the vote.

We consider it both a “new beginning” and a consciousness-raising”.

On Wednesday, I transitioned my voter registration from Green to Republican.

Election Day 2023 In Swarthmore Pa

Election Day 2023 In Swarthmore Pa

Hall Of Fame War Heroes Include Kiner and Greenberg

Hall Of Fame War Heroes Include Kiner and Greenberg

By Joe Guzzardi

Legendary Pittsburgh Pirates sluggers Ralph Kiner and Hank Greenberg shared more than Hall of Fame induction. They were World War II heroes whose Buccos power-hitting careers overlapped, and led to the construction of Forbes Field’s controversial Greenberg Gardens. Over the years, Kiner and Greenberg developed an enduring friendship.

The day after Pearl Harbor, Kiner enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Kiner flew Martin PBM Mariners from Kaneohe Bay Naval Air Station in Hawaii on submarine search patrols, and accumulated 1,200 flying hours. Unlike most other major league players stationed in the Pacific, Kiner played little baseball during his Navy service. As Kiner recalled, he played at the most six games during his two and a half Navy years. Kiner considered his pilot training and defending America more valuable than baseball.

When the war ended, the Pirates had Kiner penciled in to begin the 1946 season for the Pacific Coast League’s Hollywood Stars. But during Spring Training, Kiner tore the cover off the ball, and made the Pirates active roster. The Pirates chose wisely. Despite Forbes Field’s imposing dimensions for a right-handed hitter, 365’ down the left field line, 406’ in left center and 457’ in dead center, Kiner’s 23 home runs led the league in his rookie 1946 season, and he topped the league every year thereafter through 1952. Kiner’s home run title streak for seven consecutive years is an unbreakable record.

Enter Greenberg. In the 1946 off season, the Pirates bought American League home run king and two-time MVP Hank Greenberg, who was embroiled in a bitter salary dispute with the Detroit Tigers. Like Kiner, Greenberg served in World War II. Greenberg was drafted in 1941, and he was honorably discharged when Congress released servicemen age 28 years and older. After Pearl Harbor, Sergeant Greenberg volunteered to join the U.S. Army Air Corps. “We are in trouble,” Greenberg told The Sporting News, “and there is only one thing for me to do – return to the service.” Assigned to the first Boeing B-29 Superfortresses’ group to go overseas, Greenberg spent 1944 flying in the India-China-Burma theater. Greenberg served 47 months, the longest of any major league player.

When he joined the Pirates, Greenberg befriended Kiner, corrected his swing, which during the following season helped raised his anemic batting average from .247 to .313, and increased his home run output to 51. Pirates’ management, in turn, acted swiftly to help Greenberg hit more homers; they installed an inner fence that shortened left field’s distance by 30’. Society for American Baseball Research historian Ron Backer analyzed the controversial Greenberg Gardens’ consequences, and found that the new construction benefited Kiner more than Greenberg.

In his one year with the Pirates, 1947, Greenberg hit only 25 home runs. Of that total, 18 were hit at Forbes Field, of which nine landed in the Gardens. Of the 369 home runs that Kiner hit throughout his major league career, 71 landed in Greenberg Gardens, or about 20 percent. Eventually, Greenberg Gardens became known as “Kiner’s Korner.” Greenberg Gardens and the home run barrage launched from Kiner’s bat that it facilitated made Pirates ownership the biggest winner. In 1947, for the first time in Pirates’ history, more than 1 million fans showed up at Forbes Field, a milestone that, even though the Pirates were perennial cellar-dwellers, continued throughout most of Kiner’s Corsair days.

In June 1953, General Manager Branch Rickey abruptly traded Kiner to the Chicago Cubs. Since Rickey’s arrival, the relationship between the two had been acrimonious. The next day, Rickey ordered the fence torn down and said: “I don’t believe in building artificial barriers to suit any individual.” The league intervened, ruled that parks could not be reconfigured in mid-season. The gardens remained in left field until February 1954.

After their playing days ended, Greenberg and Kiner had prosperous careers. In 1948, Greenberg became the Cleveland Indians farm director and in November 1949 was promoted to general manager. Greenberg assembled the 1954 Indians squad, which set the then-American League record for most wins in a season, 111. In his eight years as GM, the Indians finished in first or second place six times.

In 1956, Greenberg became the first Jewish ballplayer inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Greenberg died from liver cancer on September 4, 1986. Greenberg, along with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmy Foxx and Ted Williams, is one of only five players to hit over .300, have an on-base percentage over .400, and a slugging mark above .600. In 2013, Greenberg received the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award given to 37 Baseball Hall of Fame members to recognize the courage he displayed during his World War II Army Air Force service.

Kiner, injury-plagued, was traded from the Cubs to the Indians in 1955, but was unable to produce for his old friend Greenberg. After hitting only 18 homers, Kiner retired. During the late 1940s, Kiner dated Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Leigh and Ava Gardner before marrying tennis star Nancy Chafee in 1951. Greenberg was Kiner’s best man. Then in 1962, he joined the expansion New York Mets broadcast team. Kiner joked that he was chosen “because I had a lot of experience with losing.” Kiner broadcast through 2013, and is one of the longest tenured broadcasters with a single team in MLB history. In tribute to Greenberg Gardens, Kiner’s post-game television show on WOR was called Kiner’s Korner and aired for more than 30 years. Kiner died of natural causes in February 2014. Like Greenberg, Kiner received the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award given in honor of his heroic World War II Navy service.

Kiner and Greenberg played important roles in Pittsburgh’s history and are remembered for being bright lights in an otherwise bleak chapter in the Pirates’ early 1950s Forbes Field era.

Joe Guzzardi is a Society for American Baseball Research historian. Contact him at

Hall Of Fame War Heroes Include Kiner and Greenberg

Hall Of Fame War Heroes Include Kiner and Greenberg

War is always pernicious William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-10-23

War is always pernicious William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-10-23

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In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful. Leo Tolstoy Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful.
Leo Tolstoy

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