Alternatives For DVD Fans With Netflix DVD’s Passing

Alternatives For DVD Fans With Netflix DVD’s Passing

By Bob Small

Since Netflix DVD has ceased to exist as of, today, Sept. 29, we have begun to investigate alternatives.

These are two of the mail-order alternatives; one is Scarecrow Video of Seattle. It offers a humongous list of titles.

Then there’s Cafe DVD, for which you can even pay for your DVD’d by check if you want to be really old-school.

Scarecrow and Cafe are two of the most recent listings of alternatives to Netflix.

Here are some lists of others.

7 Alternatives to Netflix for Renting DVDs – MUO

Five DVD Subscription Services to Replace Netflix – How-To Geek

With all of these alternatives, it may be helpful to check out CNET or another site that presents aggregate reviews. For the next month, many of these services will probably get a rush of customers and will have to learn to adjust.

If you’re ready to travel within Delaware County, there is a great old-timey store called Goodies that offers DVDs and even unopened videotapes for sale. Of course, stores such as Goodies also offer the opportunity for socialization. Many of us have been inside too long and would welcome the chance to meet and talk to other people who are also interested in movies.

There are also various thrift stores that offer DVDs and videotapes.

Here are some links:

THE BEST 10 Thrift Stores in Delaware County, PA – Yelp

Family Thrift Shoppe – 1011 Macdade Blvd – Foursquare and 

NANA’S ATTIC – 23 Photos & 16 Reviews – Yelp

Dollar stores sometimes sell DVD’s, although my friend Peggy observes that “you can’t buy anything there any more for a dollar!”

Then there is the Delaware County Library System, which has the added advantage of letting you search online before you go to the library.

Of course, there’s always Redbox, possibly the least social option for finding movies to watch.

Alternatives For DVD Fans With Netflix DVD's Passing

Alternatives For DVD Fans With Netflix DVD’s Passing

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  1. Delco Library system is great. They will deliver a DVD (or book, CD, etc) from any of the libraries in the system to your local library for easy pick up.

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