3 thoughts on “Antifa Links To Biden Website”

  1. Also if you type in to google “professional protesters” you can pay to have them delivered by the bus loads to your protest area ,with signs to protest for your cause, pretty sad world we are living in, for all the CCP run UN, one world globalists. So are all these huge donations from big Corporations also going to Biden to support their global agenda too, I wonder. Please Americans vote for Pres. Trump, save your country from this Democrat destruction.

  2. I find it interesting that this has been public for a while … you’d think if the Biden campaign was concerned that they were linked to domestic terrorists they’d ensure that URL was delinked from their campaign.

    OH, they don’t care? OH, they WANTED that link? Okay … we get it now.

    If there’s not a landslide in the populat vote in November for Trump, a beefing up of the Senate and a retaking of the House, I’ll be shocked.

    I have faith that the majority of Americans see that the Democrat Party in no way, shape or form resembles whatever good it had in it in the past. It’s thoroughly tainted and corrupt. That they could put forth a man who clearly has substantial mental loss says a lot … and pair him with a woman who took him to the woodshed during debates (and acted after the fact like that didn’t matter — just theater), a woman who will change position as directed … and a woman whose career was propelled by her “special relationship” with Willie Brown. So who knows if she’d ever have “made it” without her “unfair advantage?” Just rotten all around …

  3. It’s simple: Trump has to win. If he doesn’t, we will no longer be the United States of America. Probably the Communist States of America?

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