AR 15s or How To Panic Soccer Moms

AR 15s or How To Panic Soccer Moms — Now and then one finds oneself in a waiting room trapped with Today or Strahan, Sara & Keke or The Ellen DeGeneres Show and it dawns that there are people who actually watch this stuff regularly.

And it dawns that these are largely stay-at-home moms and that these shows are their source of information about politics and the world at large.

The realization then comes that this is why this demographic is voting for people who advocate policies that strip their freedoms and decrease their prosperity.

Ours too unfortunately.

So how do we convince these moms that they are being programmed, propagandized and otherwise lied to?

How do we make these moms understand that if they continue to vote the way the do they will have 1980s-level crime rates, permanent debt, children educated to be weak and submissive to authority and fashion, deliberate blackouts and general misery?

Let’s start with guns. Click on the above link regarding crime rates. Notice how the murders and meanness started dropping in the late 1990s? That’s when restrictions on the possession and use of firearms started being removed.

It’s not a coincidence.

But, but, but what about those scary AR 15s? It is estimated that there are between 8.5 million and 15 million semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines in private hands in the United States. These are mostly AR 15 and AK 47 style weapons.

In 2018, there were 297 murders committed with rifles, which would also include things like lever-action Winchesters and bolt-action .22s.

Even if all the rifles were AR 15s and AK 47s that would mean only .0003 percent of this type of weapon were used to commit a murder. You’d be more in danger going out for a boat ride as about 330 people drown annually in boating accidents according to the CDC.

Please understand you watchers of daytime propaganda that people who support gun rights are not bad people . They want peace and friendly neighbors and happy children just like you.

People who oppose political correctness are not racists, either. They are actually the opposite. People who support school choice are not anti-education.

“Conservatives” are not bad people. People who lie to you and manipulate you for their ends sorta are, though.

Try to understand why “conservatives” think as they do. More importantly try to understand why you think as you do.

AR 15s or How To Panic Soccer Moms
AR 15s or How To Panic Soccer Moms

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