CAP Gives F- To 5 In Pa House

CAP Gives F- To 5 In Pa House — The Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) Accountability Index has been updated to reflect the Key Voted legislation for the first half of 2021. Neither chamber of the General Assembly performed exceptionally well. In the Senate, the highest grade was a C+. It was a grade shared by most of the Republican caucus. Senate Republicans tended to vote in a block more so than what we saw in the House. By comparison, there were six A+ grades in the House.

Was your Representative one of them? Click on the links in the above paragraph, or here.

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Note that Chris Quinn of the 168th District which is most of western Delaware County; Craig Williams of the 160th District which is southern Delaware and Chester counties; Shelby Labs of the 143rd District in Bucks County; and western Pennsylvanians Abby Major of the 60th and Leslie Rossi of the 59th districts are the House Republicans who get F-.

Robert Tomlinson of the 6th District which is in Bucks County is the only Republican who gets an F in the Senate.

Craig, what’s up with that?

The scorecard will be updated in real-time through the end of the year. Check back regularly.

CAP Gives F- To 5 In Pa House
CAP Gives F- To 5 In Pa House

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