Civilly Disobey Vax Mandates

Civilly Disobey Vax MandatesIt was revealed, yesterday, Nov. 4, that a draft entry has been placed in the Federal Register, that come Jan. 4 all firms with more than 100 employees – no matter how many locations these employees are spread across – will be required to ensure that these employees are “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19.

Employers will be asked to keep vaccination records for their staff, and workers who refuse the jab will be required to submit to regular testing and wear face masks to work in most cases.

Penalties for employers refusing to enforce the mandate start at around $14,000 per violation, and increase to around $136,000 for further willful breaches. OSHA inspectors will check businesses for compliance.

Here’s what Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor the of mRNA vaccines, tweeted regarding this:

Civilly Disobey Vax Mandates

Civil disobedience is now appropriate. Stock up on food and start saving for a layoff. There is two months, assuming this vile thing comes into effect.

If you need inspiration to avoid the jab, check this report of emergency rooms being swamped, not with Covid-19 but with blood clots and heart issues, and in people not expected to have such issues.

It’s reported happening in Sweden and Australia as well.

If you can’t trust a federal health authority with a beagle puppy you certainly trust them with yourself. If a fed health official lies about funding mad science in Chinese labs, you can expect they are lying about the vax.

Civilly Disobey Vax Mandates

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  1. For those trusting non thinking for themselves people drinking of this ruling classes poisoned “cool aid”.
    A few numbers need to be learned, in Canada with a population of they say 38 million but over 45 million of our free medical cards are issued for use? they say that out of the 28 thousand plus deaths from this supposed plandemic only 17 “disputed” deaths were from the 0 to 17 year olds?

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