Define Racism Truthfully, Not Politically

Define Racism Truthfully, Not Politically — Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa1) gets props for his appearance on the just ended The Dean Malik Show on WWDB 860AM but there was a point that never made it to the table.

Define Racism Truthfully, Not Politically
Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick defended his July 16 vote for the Democrats’ politically motivated H Res 489 titled Condemning President Trump’s Racist Comments Directed at Members of Congress.

He said he thought the greatest issue facing the country was the tenor of political discourse.

So he goes along with calling the President a racist.

Go figure.

For what it’s worth, he said he didn’t think President Trump is a racist.

He’s just apparently OK with saying he uses racist language.

Go figure.

Congressman, if you are sincere about wanting to “tone down” discourse start condemning those who use the word “racist” as a political attack.

Insist that “racist” and “racism” be consistently and specifically defined so the evil that the word should describe is not diluted. Racism is not mere bigotry or prejudice or disagreement but a belief that certain ethnicities should have lesser or no civil liberty.

Telling an ingrate to love it or leave America is not racism — or even prejudice — regardless of the color of the skin of ingrate. Calling someone a racist for confronting an ingrate is craven and despicable. Failing to confront someone making such an accusation is cowardice.

The biggest threat, Congressman, is the division caused by identity politics. The Founding Fathers knew this hence our national motto “Out of Many One“.

Or another way of saying it and hopefully triggering the right type of people: Where we go one, we go all.

If you missed today’s show (July 19) here is the podcast:

Define Racism Truthfully, Not Politically

2 thoughts on “Define Racism Truthfully, Not Politically”

  1. If he has a problem with the tenor of public discourse, he should consider that Trump is a response to the deterioration of civility, not the cause of it. And that it has been deteriorating ever since the first Boomers turned 18, went off to college, and were exposed to the Leftists and Progressives in academia. Those academics told those impressionable kids that their country was racist, bigoted, imperialist; that their parents were vapid, ignorant consumers; that there was no objective morality, or history.

    What is different about Trump is that in him, we finally have a politician who fights back.

    If Fitzpatrick can’t understand these developments, he’s part of the problem, not the solution.

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