Delco Dems Harassing Restaurants

Delco Dems Harassing Restaurants — The Democrats that run Delaware County, Pa. have recruited an ill-trained host of code inspectors which they have sicced on the county’s mom and pop restaurants.

The Delaware County Daily Times, which is their mouthpiece, have been dutifully publicizing the claims — regardless of how minor — of these inspectors happily using the names of the establishments putting them in the worst possible light.

Joy Schwartz, who is running for Delaware County (Pa) Council, has been banned from commenting on these articles.

Joy, your comments are more than welcome here and we’ll start with this one:

I have apparently been prohibited from commenting on articles in the Delco Times. So, I will spread my “misinformation” here.

From a reliable source… The Delco Health Department sends aspiring “health inspectors” to a 5 week “health inspector training” to learn how to pick pepper from fly poop. These people have no idea how restaurants operate in real life, so when the soda hose leaks a drop of seltzer into the ice container, they clutch their pearls in horror.

The newly trained inspectors are then deployed to nitpick and harass small restaurants, subjecting them to insufferable and cost-prohibitive regulations, in the name of protecting the public, forcing some to close down.

Then the Daily Times reports on every peccadillo committed by mom and pop establishments as if they are the muckrakers of old.

It is shameful for the Delco Health Department to use these blatant intimidation tactics and for so-called journalists to enable them to kill small businesses!

This is the same health department that gives out free condoms in bulk on request, lies about how many vaccines they administered, and cannot find anything better to do with their time.

It is a wasteful government boondoggle that is being used by the Delco Council of clowns, to hide the fact that hospitals are closing on their watch, emergency services are failing, and their priorities are completely backassward.

Delco Dems Harassing Restaurants

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