Goodbye Rendell Rant On 60 Minutes

Goodbye Rendell Rant On 60 Minutes — Ed Rendell wound down his disastrous eight years as Pennsylvania’s governor with a remarkable rant at CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl in defense of the casino gambling he brought to the state.

The promotional clip which can be found here shows him angrily calling those who run her show “simpletons” and “idiots”.

Judging by the a released transcript he was frustrated as to why she couldn’t understand how it was better for blue-collar Pennsylvanians to lose their paychecks in state rather than Delaware or New Jersey.

The show will air Sunday.

Hat tips to Philly.Com and Capitol Ideas.

Below is a transcript of some of Fast Eddie’s rage:

RENDELL: “The biggest downside is that some people lose their
paychecks. But understand, Lesley, they’re not losing their paychecks
because Pennsylvania instituted gaming. These people were losing their
paychecks in Atlantic City, in Delaware at the racetracks, or in West

STAHL: “So why not lose it here . . .”

Rendell: “Well, if they were going to lose it anyway, let’s get the
upside. We were getting all the downside and none of the upside.”

STAHL: “The counter-argument is that you’re creating new gamblers. And lots of new gamblers.”

RENDELL: “We’re not creating new gamblers.”

STAHL: “Well, ’cause it’s down the street.”

RENDELL: “Those people play the lottery. They bet on football. How much money is bet on the Super Bowl.”

STAHL: “People are losing money for the state to get its revenue. They’re losing money.”

RENDELL: “Let me answer this. You . . . you’ve . . . I’ve always . . .
I’ve known, uh, for two or three decades, you’re a very smart person.”

STAHL: “But not now.”

RENDELL: “But you’re not getting it.”

STAHL: “I’m dumb now.”

RENDELL: “You’re not getting it. Those people would lose that money
anyway. Don’t you understand? You guys don’t get that. You’re
simpletons. You’re idiots if you don’t get that . . . That’s the answer
and it’s the right answer.”

Goodbye Rendell Rant On 60 Minutes

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  1. Slots……………. pennies
    Roulette…………. five dollar table
    Rendell’s rant……..priceless

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