GOP Bosses Tap Obama Supporter To Take On Casey

The Pennsylvania Republican establishment, Saturday, Jan. 28, overwhelmingly endorsed a Chester County reputed Obama-supporter to take on incumbent Democrat Bob Casey in this fall’s U.S. Senate race.

Steve Welch, a  businessman who has never held elected office, received 182 votes before the GOP State Committee. Coming in second was coal industry executive Tom Smith with 51 votes. Following them were  Washington County businessman and erstwhile 12th District congressional candidate Tim Burns, 47 votes; former state representative and gubernatorial candidate Sam Rohrer with 33 votes; and Dauphin County attorney and former Sen. Rick Santorum staffer Marc Scaringi with 6.

Candidates Laureen Cummings, Dave Christian, John Kensinger and Robert Allen Mansfield did  not submit their names for consideration.

Welch  was a candidate for the GOP nomination for the 6th Congressional Seat in 2010 until Jim Gerlach decided he would run for re-election. Welch’s endorsement was strongly pushed by Gov. Tom Corbett. It is being widely reported that Welch changed registration  to vote for Barack Obama in Pennsylvania’s 2008 primary election — which he is not denying — and  hosted a fundraiser or something for liberal Democrat congressman Joe Sestak in 2006.

The endorsement does not mean Welch will be the nominee. That will be decided at April 24’s primary election.

Hopefully, the good guys get on the same page and keep the vote from being split. Otherwise look for a lot of people voting third party this fall. What is the point of the Republican Party anyway? Graft for us rather than Dems?

In the meantime, Sam Rohrer is holding a meet and greet  8 Wednesday morning (Feb. 1)  at Parc Restaurant and Bistro 227 S. 18th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103;  and a town hall 7  that night at Knights of Columbus Mater Dei Hall,
327 N. Newtown Street Road, Newtown Square, PA 19073 in Newtown Township.

2 thoughts on “GOP Bosses Tap Obama Supporter To Take On Casey”

  1. IMO anyone who voted for Obama and supported Sistak should be automatically prevented from running for office as a ‘Republican”,until they can provide a document that they were certifiably insane form Sept 2008 through Sept 2011

  2. We need to vote out the sheepoles that vote the way they are told so they can keep their cushy court house jobs. Let’s get commitee people who think for themselves and can stand up to these RINO’S !!!

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