Inaugural Christmas Luncheon At HMB

Inaugural Christmas Luncheon
Saint Nicholas (played by Alex Shegda) made at guest appearance at the inaugural Slavic Christmas Luncheon at Holy Myrrh-Bearers Easter Rite Catholic Church.

Holy Myrrh-Bearer’s Inaugural Slavic Christmas luncheon, today, Dec. 6, was a massive hit for a sellout crowd.

On the menu were kielbasa and sauerkraut, pierogies, ham, old-school halushki,  and delicious halupki courtesy of Chef Bob Long.

There was oodles of homemade dessert, a myriad of door-prizes, a skit by the young ladies of the parish and a visit by Saint Nicholas himself played by Alex Shegda.

The event was a bargain at $15.

The Mass preceding the meal was celebrated by Bishop John Bura. The pastor is Father John Ciurpita.

The church schedule will be changed started next weekend with the addition of a Saturday Mass in English at 5 p.m. with the moving of the Sunday service in Ukrainian and English to 10 a.m.

Holy Myrrh-Bearers, an Eastern Rite church, opened in April at  the church, 900 Fairview Road,Swarthmore (Ridley Township).  It is at site of the  former Leiper Presbyterian Church which was founded in 1819 and closed in 2012. Presidents Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison and James Buchanan worshiped at Leiper Presbyterian at the invitation of Leiper family members.

The historic Leiper churchyard remains at the church.

Inaugural Christmas Luncheon

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