Larry Johnson Vs Lin Wood

Larry Johnson Vs Lin Wood –Larry Johnson has joined columnist Brian Cates in the attempted debunking of the claims made by noted attorney Lin Wood as given him by Jonathan Ambrose McGreevy a.k.a Ryan Dark White.

Johnson wrote, yesterday, July 14, in the great Gateway Pundit to which all should subscribe, that McGreevy is a two-time convicted felon and generally untrustworthy. Johnson says McGreevy contradicts himself and won’t provide corroboration regarding his academic claims.

We think Johnson, Cates and Wood are good guys working for a good cause. We are, however, very dissatisfied with the debunking being attempted by Johnson and Cates. It is almost entirely ad hominem i.e. McGreevy is lying and Wood is naively accepting it, with the rest being irrelevancy thrown in as padding.

Granted, McGreevy’s claims are so wild that in any other year they would be dismissed with laughter. He claims that former Vice President Mike Pence and Chief Justice John Roberts are compromised with blackmail tapes; and that Roberts was involved in a plot to kill several prominent officials then take out most of the Supreme Court. The murders were set to occur during the expected first term of Hillary Clinton and be blamed on right-wing types. The motive was to let the Clinton crowd to pack the court and ban firearms, says McGreevy.

McGreevy says that as Ryan Dark White he was part of “The Dirty Tricks Squad” that also included Shawn Henry of the FBI, Shaun Bridges of the Secret Service, Joseph Rosati and Gregory Utz of the DEA, and Alan Boroshok of the ATF.

McGreevy is quite up front about his felony convictions in the interview, which makes it puzzling why Johnson would use them as a throwaway dismissal.

He says his October 2009 arrest was done at the behest of Rod Rosenstein in retribution for his exposure of the Obama Administration’s arming of terrorist groups. He says he was framed by Rosati and Utz.

He says during his seventh-month incarceration in Baltimore County, MD. he was routinely tortured —either read the transcript or see the relevant screenshots below — to the point where he lost 147 pounds; was “bleeding from every orifice”; had “eight inches of intestine distended from my rectum”; and had a testicle crushed beyond saving.

Tip to Larry Johnson and Brian Cates: A very simple debunking would be to just ask McGreevy to drop his pants.

McGreevy said that he was eventually released to home detention due to his injuries but was still forced to work for the Dirty Tricks Squad maintaining contacts with terrorist groups and such.

McGreevy second felony involves insurance fraud from 2015, and was also brought up in the interview. McGreevy says it too was a set up by Rosenstein.

McGreevy’s claims are hard to believe, but there is this: In February 2020– long before the election and long before Lin Wood became involved — respected journalist Sharyl Attkisson reported that she filed a lawsuit stemming from the hacking of her computers in 2011-2014 the defendants of whom included Rod Rosenstein, Shawn Henry, Sean Wesley Bridges and a Ryan White. All those names involved in unrelated dirty tricks sure is an interesting coincidence.

Rosati has also had allegations of dirty dealing made against him unrelated to McGreevy.

Skepticism about a plan by the Chief Justice to wipe out the rest of the Supreme Court is fine, but it is foolish to dismiss McGreevy or the existence of “The Dirty Tricks Squad”.

Larry Johnson Vs Lin Wood
The first page of Sharyl Attkisson’s lawsuit reported February 2020
Larry Johnson Vs Lin Wood
Jonathan McGreevy’s testimony about his torture page 107)
Larry Johnson Vs Lin Wood
Jonathan McGreevy’s testimony about his torture (page 108)
Larry Johnson Vs Lin Wood
Jonathan McGreevy’s testimony about his torture (page 109)
Jonathan Ambrose McGreevy transcript page 110
Jonathan McGreevy’s testimony about his torture (page 110)
Jonathan Ambrose McGreevy  transcript page 124
Jonathan McGreevy’s testimony about his torture (page 124)
Larry Johnson Vs Lin Wood

2 thoughts on “Larry Johnson Vs Lin Wood”

  1. If Johnson and Cates are good guys working for a good cause then why do they take a page from the left’s playbook and attack the messenger and not the message?
    In my mind there is something nefarious going on when that happens. Everyone has issues and everyone is a sinner as Lin Wood says.
    If you take another look at the left’s playbook you’ll realize they blackmail everyone that can be of use to them. Take Epstein for example. To his puppet masters blackmailing people in positions of power was likely his single most important job, even more so than his value as a revenue producer through his human trafficking. Get dirt on people so his puppet masters can maintain control and keep gaming and controlling the system.
    McGreevy is only trying to expose the corrupt America we’ve been living in for quite some time now and rather than focusing on his background why can’t they focus on his message. I believe that message deserves to be heard and investigated especially in light of what’s going down right now in our country. When are a thousand coincidences no longer coincidence but an actual conspiracy? Are these guys Johnson and Cates blind, deaf and dumb? It appears so.

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