Menai Strait William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 8-13-20

The Menai Strait between Wales and the the Isle of Anglesey is a nasty bit of sea where many a vessel has met its doom one of which happened on Dec. 5, 1664 in which the only survivor out of 81 passengers was a Hugh Williams. On Dec. 5, 1785 a ship with 60 aboard sank with but one survivor. Hs name was Hugh Williams. On Aug. 5, 1820, a vessel with 25 aboard was lost. The only survivor was a Hugh Williams. And on July 10, 1940 a British trawler was destroyed by a German mine. This time there were two survivors: Hugh Williams and his nephew. The nephew’s name was, wait for it, Hugh Williams.

Menai Strait William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 8-13-20
Menai Strait

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