Monica Gandhi Says Wait For Virion Vax, Reports Berenson

Monica Gandhi Says Wait For Virion Vax, Reports Berenson — Alex Berenson, the former New York Times reporter who is now basically blacklisted from establishment media due to his reporting about the dangers of the promoted Covid vaccines, is reporting on his Substack account that a prominent expert appears to be switching sides.

Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious diseases professor at the University of California, San Francisco, has said that Omicron exposure is “likely to combat other variants in future since the individual has seen the whole virus” and that if a vaccine or booster is desired one should wait for a “whole inactivated virion vaccine like Covaxin/Ocugen”, which has had an emergency use authorization pending at the FDA since Nov. 5.

Wonder why it’s taking so long. It’s an emergency, right?

Virion vaccines are not mRNA but the traditional types that use a disabled viral particle to allow our immune systems to build their defenses without the dangers of being infected.

“Unlike me, Dr. Gandhi is too smart to come out and say openly the mRNA vaccines are useless, if not dangerous, at this point,” Berenson says. “She knows exactly how far in front of the consensus she can get and still have access to the elite media bluechecks. But she knows the implications of what she wrote. And she knows how it will be interpreted. Now you do, too.”

Berenson has updated his post after objections from Dr. Gandhi who says that she thinks mRNA vaccines are safe and effective and that Dr. Barney Graham, who is among their developers, should win the Nobel Prize.

Berenson, however, says she declined to participate in an interview and would not address the specifics in her statements, which appeared in a newsletter post, regarding Omicron or that one should wait for a virion vax before taking any more boosters.

Monica Gandhi Says Wait For Virion Vax, Reports Berenson
Monica Gandhi Says Wait For Virion Vax

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