Pa. In Top 4 In Legislative Pay

Pennsylvania’s state legislators are the fourth best paid in the nation, according to The Pew Center of the States. At $78,314, it puts the wonders of Harrisburg  just behind third place New York ($79,500) and second place Michigan ($79,650) but with a ways to go to catch the champ which is California at $95,291.

What’s interesting about the rankings is that it correlates nicely with the listing of states with the greatest fiscal problems. Someone may be respond with the claim “correlation does not equal causation” and the proper response to that would be “Ho, ho, ho. You want to buy a bridge?”

BTW, the Reading Eagle has a column noting the state House members worked 119 days last year while our senators clocked in for 81. Maybe that’s why they buy into the claim that public school teachers are overworked.

And of course, the Pew list doesn’t account for all the neat little perks Pa. solons get. Maybe Pennsylvania’s fiscal crisis is even worse than it seems.

Hat tip to Tony Phyrillas

One thought on “Pa. In Top 4 In Legislative Pay”

  1. Among the lowest paid lawmakers are part-timer in New Hampshire,who get $100 a year; In South Dakota, they get $6,000 a year; and in Rhode Island, they $11,236 a year.
    I think it’s time for another clean sweep in Pennsylvania

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