Psaki Says Government Scrutiny Looms For Vax Doubters

Psaki Says Government Scrutiny Looms For Vax Doubters — Biden flak Jen Psaki defended the administration’s spying of Americans on social media at a July 15 press conference in a response to questions by Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

It was actually worse than spying as the Ms. Psaki admitted the administration is taking names and encouraging Facebook to censor their accounts.

By the far, though, the worst thing is the implication that what comes from the government is definitive enteral truths that may not be questioned.

“I frankly think it should be your biggest concern, is the number of people who are dying around the country because they are getting misinformation that is leading them to not take a vaccine . . .Young people, old people, kids, children,” Ms. Psaki said. “A lot of them are being impacted by misinformation.”

Really? Children should be getting vaxed? The World Health Organization isn’t pushing it.

Is it OK to point this out on Facebook? Will those that do find themselves on a government list?

Can we point out that Ivermectin appears to be an effective treatment for Covid-19? Does Facebook consider the government of Mexico to be competent in health issues? If not, isn’t that kind of racist?

Can we ask why front-line medical practitioners — not corporate connected hacks — are strongly discouraged from using Ivermectin even though it is a safe and well-tested drug?

Can we ask if there is a motive beyond public health, for the vaccine push? Can we point point out that that the Covid vaccines have created nine new Big Pharma billionaires?

We’ll ask the questions Ms. Psaki. Put us on the list.

But we will also offer some advice: If you want more trusting the vax, don’t hide the questions and stop spreading disinformation yourself. It is now reasonable to think Covid came from a lab. It wasn’t that long ago saying that would get one banned from Facebook.

Psaki Says Government Scrutiny Looms For Vax Doubters
Psaki Says Government Scrutiny Looms For Vax Doubters

3 thoughts on “Psaki Says Government Scrutiny Looms For Vax Doubters”

  1. I don’t believe a word this administration, Fauci, the CDC, or any other “expert” says.

    As soon as things are supposedly “getting back to normal” oops! a new variant – Delta- comes along. What is next? Epsilon?

    We already know that most of the so-called facts about COVID were just nonsense. First, the vaccine is great. Then, the truth about deaths and other complications come out. Now, there has to be booster every six months.

    I see no reason to have the vaccine. If anyone wants it, fine. But don’t force it on me.

    My body, my choice. Is that still a thing?

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