Red Pilling Impeachment Scam

Red Pilling Impeachment Scam — Those of us who are “red pilled” are laughing at the establishmentarian impeachment scam against President Trump. You want to impeach President Trump because he made a phone call to a foreign leader? Seriously? To “dig up dirt” about a political opponent? Seriously?

The pill you’re supposed to take is in his right hand.

You want to red pill yourself ask why then Vice President Joe Biden’s son was sitting on the board of the corrupt Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings. Ask why Joe Biden forced Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire his Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin in March 2016. Did you know that Poroshenko and Shokin were investigating Burisma and the Biden connection?

Ask if it was seemly for Biden to brag about it. Ask why the establishment mouthpieces aren’t pondering the morality of intervening in another country’s judicial system.

Regarding Trump, ask why Biden shouldn’t come up in a conversation with Ukraine. It would be a mere matter of diplomatic protocol considering Biden (and Obama) intervened in their judicial system.

Regarding digging up dirt ask why the mouthpieces are upset about it. Aren’t journalists supposed to want dirt dug up and truth revealed? Remember the problem isn’t digging up dirt it is making the dirt up.

Ask why the mouthpieces are more upset about Trump’s rather conventional phone call than the leaking of it which obviously and significantly hampers all our diplomatic outreaches. Ask why the mouthpieces are more upset about the phone call than the FBI falsifying affidavits presented to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court that allowed spying on an actual major party presidential nominee.

How come the mouthpieces aren’t outraged that the FBI (and CIA) interfered in the 2016 elections?

Enjoy the red pill. You’ll be glad you took it.

Red Pilling Impeachment Scam

4 thoughts on “Red Pilling Impeachment Scam”

  1. It’s a good image, Bill. If you believe what the Left/Progressives and their party are bleating through their media stooges, you must delude yourself.

    I think also of “Animal Farm”, and Squealer and the sheep. There’s no true debate, just bleating and drowning out anyone who tries to respond.

  2. Mr. Lawrence, Americans are so lucky and should be so proud to have a good strong President like Mr. Trump, his Speech at the corrupted United Nations was the best speech I have heard from him yet and he has acted very well in keeping your country together and back working again.
    Here in Canada, we have a totally confused communist wanna be dictator puppet (Trudeau) a horrible group, supported by the Clintons and Obama’s election teams, a lefty bought out mainstream media ( all paid for with our tax dollars or should I say with more of Canada’s debt ) and this group demonizes President Trump in their media here in Canada and then compares our Conservative Leader to him etc.. it is Canada’s election Oct. 21, and our election now seems fixed, I hope not, but you may end up with a progressive Communist country next door to you. Please keep fighting for Pres. Trump, I wish we had a real man like him running with common sense running Canada.

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