Republican Workers Shot In Minneapolis Drive-by

Republican Workers Shot In Minneapolis Drive-by –Diontae Rayquan Wallace and Andre Conley, campaign workers for Republican congressional candidate Lacy Johnson, were shot in a drive-by shooting, Sept. 14, in Minneapolis.

Republican Workers Shot In Minneapolis Drive-by
Andre Conley

Conley died in the hospital.

Johnson is seeking to unseat radical Jew-hating Muslim Democrat Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s 5th District.

The Johnson campaign does not think the shootings were politically motivated. Nine people under the age of 18 have been shot in the city this year.

Just the same, we’ll reserve judgement until an arrest.

Bernell Trammell, 60, a Black supporter of Donald Trump, was shot in the street in Milwaukee on July 23.

Hey Minneapolis, how is the defunding the police thing working for you?

Republican Worker Killed In Minneapolis Drive-by
Republican Workers Shot In Minneapolis Drive-by

2 thoughts on “Republican Workers Shot In Minneapolis Drive-by”

  1. So sorry for the young man and his family. And for the woman who was also shot. Hope she will be OK. How can they think it is not politically motivated? Do they really think Ilhan Omar and her followers are above this? No, they are not above killing anyone they perceive to be working against them.

    As someone who will be working in one of the polls this November, I am concerned that someone would come in and cause a disruption or even physically attack one of us. Hopefully, we will have a police officer inside the poll to keep us safe.

  2. Mob rule is what we unfortunately can expect no matter who wins in November. The Dems have already (more than) hinted at that. How can this be happening to our country?

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