Rob McCord Democrat — And Corporate Connected

This morning’s (Jan. 31) The Philadelphia Inquirer has a huge front-page headline about the looming guilty plea of  Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord.Rob McCord Democrat -- And Corporate Connected Philadelphia Inquirer Rob McCord Headline

McCord attempted to extort money during his failed gubernatorial run last year by warning potential donors that they should not make an enemy of the state treasurer. He is charged with violation of federal campaign finance law as it is illegal to solicit campaign funds in exchange for official acts.

No where on the front page does it mention McCord’s party affiliation.

In fact, it’s not until the very last paragraph on the jump page that it is noted that McCord’s gambit happened in the Democrat Primary.

Compare that to how The Washington Post covered it.

McCord is from Montgomery County and like fellow Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf is a rich, white guy who made a fortune in the private sector, in McCord’s case as a venture capitalist with Safeguard Scientifics.

McCord founded the Eastern Technology Council in 1998 and ran it through 2007.  We think its safe to say that another spelling for the Eastern Technology Council would be “cronyism”.

What this illustrates is that not all capitalists believe in free markets.

McCord, who on Thursday (Jan. 29) announced that he would resign on Feb. 12, said he will now resign immediately. His successor will be appointed by Wolf.

Rob McCord Democrat — And Corporate Connected
Rob McCord Democrat although you’d have trouble learning that from The Philadelphia Inquirer story

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