Suck Egg Mule William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 4-17-21

“Well, I’ll be a suck egg mule,” Jack Elam famously said in Rio Lobo.

What exactly is such a beast?

A “suck egg” is a young, foolish, or contemptible person, according to Merriam Webster.

A “mule,” when applied to humans, indicates stubbornness.

It’s pretty reasonable to think Mr. Elam was saying he was being a silly stubborn person for not thinking Jennifer O’Neill could be an effective shot.

On the other hand, some think suck-egg mule is a twist on suck-egg dog which are real problems on farms, and are considered to be worse than worthless.

Regardless, the phrase derives from the rural South/Midwest.

William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 4-17-21
Suck-Egg Mule William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 4-17-21

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