Susan Jane Goldner Removed From Lower Gwynedd Post

Susan Jane Goldner Removed From Lower Gwynedd Post — Susan Jane Goldner had her hearing, Dec. 8 before the Montgomery County Republican Party’s Ministry of Justice. It lasted 20 minutes and, as expected, ended with her being kangarooed from her post as Lower Gwynedd committeewoman.  

Susan Jane Goldner Removed From Lower Gwynedd Post
Susan Jane’s labor will be lost.

Committeewoman is an elected position and she has held her post for five years. That means voters picked her twice.

“It is a sad day when a committeeperson like me gets removed in such a manner,” she said. “I will never apologize for being a hardline conservative and to think anyone can cast blame on me for why the moderate candidates lost so badly in this County is absurd.”

Ms. Goldner’s sins were Facebook posts criticizing — mildly, even constructively — Republican candidates last summer, and agreeing with a position held by a Libertarian candidate.

What she was saying was no different than what many (most) of the regular Republican voters were saying about this year’s  Pennsylvania GOP field — and the strange lack of support for them by the party establishment.

Ms. Goldner said she was not allowed to present a complete defense and the tribunal rejected a request for continuances made by two different lawyers.

Still, she says it may all be for the best.

“(I’m) glad I stood up to them after five years of watching shenanigans go down in this God-forsaken local GOP defunct party. They are why decent people stay out of politics.”

Questions for the geniuses that run the Montco Republican Party: Do you have someone to replace her? Do you understand that political parties depend on popularity which means the broadest base possible? What exactly has Ms. Goldner wrote that is not different than what is expressed by  many (most) of the voters whose support you seek  each November?

9 thoughts on “Susan Jane Goldner Removed From Lower Gwynedd Post”

  1. Machine politics, whether practiced by Democrats or Republicans, are a form of racketeering, morally if not legally.

  2. And also: consolidating areas is not something I was/am onboard with, as my Area (10) was recently dissolved, I would’ve undone this immediately. But current chair is pushing consolidation which is not conducive to winning elections (and opposite of grassroots building) — voters are wise to the last redistricting and the awful impact that it has played in the recent elections and democrats are using gerrymandering topic to win over voters.

    But yeah, let’s keep common sense out of it and vote me off by 5 morons. Such ludicrousness.

  3. MontCo GOP is playing politics against ppl actually doing the work for free.

    They railroaded me with no representation and bare minimal time.

    But here’s what they said about me, the minutes were of course written in their favor—

    They accused me of badmouthing Republicans but admitted the basis of being thrown out is when a committeeperson helps or supports a Dem candidate (something I never did).

    I got kicked out for questioning policies, where our candidates stand on issues. I wasn’t allowed to defend myself against their petty onslaught which consisted of some social media remarks.

    They drug me out under false pretense.

    And one can see how they contradict themselves in the letter & minutes I just callously received,

    Such fools they are.

    The support for team Susan is in full-effect.

  4. As a former Congressional candidate for the 13th District, I am appalled at the behavior of this county’s leadership. This is the reason why the Republican Party struggles to win important elections.

  5. The establishment is getting rid of anyone they see as a threat to their power (what little they have). It’s happening across the state. Real conservatives not getting any support from the GOP. They put up a weak liberal candidate who did not support POTUS instead of a veteran/1st Responder who supports our President. The GOP needs true leadership and get back to serving the people and not their egos.

  6. The same thing goes on in Bucks County PA. The GOP machine put fake Republicans up against Dems. Susan is an American Patriot. I would go to war with her any day. How dare they remove an elected official for no cause.

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