Montco GOP Purging Citizen Advocates

Montco GOP Purging Citizen Advocates
Montco GOP bosses want Susan Jane Goldner gone.

Montco GOP Purging Citizen Advocates — The feckless, reckless Montgomery County Republican Party is speeding their spiral into oblivion by chasing away citizen advocates who threaten the privileges of party loyalists who loyally support raids on the public treasury even when the raids harvest a lower net than senior partner, co-conspiring Democrats.

The latest purge victim is Susan Jane Goldner, who has been elected to her precinct committee post in Lower Gwynedd since 2013. Ms. Goldner is accused of violating party bylaws for sharing an Americans for Prosperity Facebook post criticizing a vote by Congressman and GOP Senate candidate Lou Barletta that massively hiked spending. She also allegedly  committed the sins of expressing support on Facebook for a position by Libertarian Senate candidate Dale Kerns who wants to stop making drug addicts criminals; and giving constructive criticism on Facebook concerning the stalled campaign of 4th District Congressional candidate Dan David, who would crash and burn in his  race to socialist Madeleine Dean.

Ms. Goldner has been summoned by GOP Chairwoman Elizabeth Preate Havey to appear before a disciplinary hearing on Dec. 8 where a kangaroo court is expected to remove her. She was given the bare minimum amount of time — five business days — to prepare her defense.

Ms. Goldner has said at least three fellow citizen activists –people interested in serving their neighbors not getting a job on the public payroll — have been pushed to quit since May.

This is a strong sign that the Montco political establishment is far more interested in being a fat junior partner than in governance.

A similar thing is happening in Chester County. 

Ms Goldner, in fact, says similar things are happening throughout the state.

What needs to be purged is the Republican leadership at all levels.
Montco GOP Purging Citizen Advocates

29 thoughts on “Montco GOP Purging Citizen Advocates”

  1. Shades of Val DiGiorgio in Chester County! Is his example infecting all the counties now? They tried this same strong-arm tactic in Chesco and Bucks Co. Now Montco! We knew they were corrupt too, but still.

    Come on! What are the Republicans trying to do? Destroy the party from the ground up? Republicans are deserting the party because they don’t see the party as being very conservative. These actions only reinforce this picture, and that’s why Pennsylvania is blue!

    1. “expressing support on Facebook for a position by Libertarian Senate candidate Dale Kerns” violates bylaws

      1. Expressing support for a non-R candidate violates GOP bylaws; expressing support for a position does not- Think about What would happen if positions are taboo. We would never have discussion to improve our platform. Furthermore, party bosses could get rid of people even more readily than they do now.

        Bill Lawrence, If you want information on how the same BS has happened in Bucks County GOP, please email me and I will provide contact information for the person who was tossed off the committee.

        1. Thank you for clarifying that Peter, and for your willingness to help expose this. Also, if you knew what we do, a whole Area in MontCo would be terminated for voting unanimously to help support and endorse (financially) non-R candidates under this new Chair’s “leadership”.

      2. Liz Preate Havey has run roughshod over the bylaws since 2018. Rules for thee but not for me. Now she’s resigned in disgrace early into a second term. She removed SJ early into her 2nd term. We have plenty of examples in 4.5 yrs of how Liz ruled like a petty tyrant oligarch, surrounding herself with vile folks willing to do her dirty work, maligning conservatives and true public servants, only giving money to her candidates (when she ran them and every single one lost), all in the name of self-serving swamp and elitism. Who is surprised, look at who her daddy was, fmr AG & felon inmate Ernie Preate.

    2. What the..???

      I worked hard in 2016 for our President here in Montgomery County.

      Want me to work for you again, PAGOP?
      Cut this crap out.
      Libertarians looking good.

      1. @Jill: There is no need to work for them as they sabatoge every election, especially for good conservative candidates. Work independently for the DJT campaign, not another dime to the vile establishment. Give to individual candidates but make sure that money is spent on their race and their race alone.

    3. All too true for far too long in PA and beyond! Why worry about the CCP threatening this country when we have these kinds of tactics steadily turning PA and the rest of the country blue? Those who decide to make their own rules for the R Party to suit their own ends are usurping power from R voters, too blinded by a false sense of self-importance to realize we see them for exactly who and what they are. Isn’t this exactly the behavior of those running the current administration… you know, the ones from that “other” party?

  2. The lock-step support that Republicans require from their party representatives (right down to the local committee person who rings your door bell) should not come as a surprise to anyone. Bravo, Ms. Goldner, for having the AUDACITY to simply post someone else’s fact-based piece indicating Congressman Barletta’s vote on spending, implying a candidate quite contrary to the party platform. I guess no one told you that as a Republican committee person in the PA Republican Party, you are supposed to live in a alternate reality where facts don’t matter. You are now on notice, Montco Rs: Witch hunts based on a perceived threat to the party status quo helped turn Chesco reliably blue and will soon do the same for you–and, I wonder why so many voters seem to feel PA Republicans are out of touch with reality? Could it be the Rs in PA have a leadership problem?

  3. I got some private messages criticizing Ms. Goldner, the gist of which is the need for party loyalty. I certainly understand the necessity of rules aimed at keeping traitors and infiltrators from the midst but I’ve seen several of the Facebook posts for which Ms. Goldner is before the captain’s mast — all the specific allegations involve Facebook posts — and none of the come close to indicating she is such a person.

    In fact, the ones that I’ve seen indicate she is a thinking person who upholds the principles upon which the Republican Party sells itself.

    If the Montco GOP leadership has an issue with Ms. Goldner the wisest thing would be to wait for the next election and run someone against her. Running her out on technicalities seems pretty stupid for an organization that depends on popularity and getting the broadest base possible.

    Especially if there really are 300 vacant committee seats as we have been told.

    Of course there are cynics who think the Republican Party is not sincere about how it sells itself i.e. supporting free markets, opposing unnecessary spending and regulation etc.

    For these cynics the actions of the Montco GOP makes perfect sense.

    1. I’d give your comments a big “Bingo”.

      I don’t identify myself as a Republican anymore due to the direction of the party as “Democrat-lite”. I’m a conservative and believe we’re taxed way beyond the local/county/state/federal needs. Government is trying to manage our lives rather than keep the streets paved and protecting our properties.

      We need more Susan-Jane Goldners and Joe Gales.

    2. Bill: Another thought: Committee people are volunteering their time and reputations within their own neighborhoods when they represent the party, a fact that is obvious to the party hierarchy. Most certainly this should be a testament to loyalty, in and of itself. Isn’t it fair for those same committee people like Ms. Goldner to expect a certain amount of loyalty–in return–from a party hierarchy who apparently can’t hold a candidate like Congressman Barletta to aspects of the party’s own platform? Silly me, a party that tries to rid itself of those whom voters HAVE elected (like Ms. Goldner), and keeps presenting candidates for even higher offices in PA that AREN’T elected (come on, that list is too long), would seem to have a serious problem, don’t you think?

      1. Yes, excellent point- committeeppl get no appreciation or loyalty returned for our money spent, our time (most valuable resource), dedication, energy, the long hours at the polls; all they care about is ‘yes men’ and women. Look how quickly I got tossed aside for some socia media postings questioning their chosen candidates and where they stand on issues!! Why would anyone want to associate with party intimidation tactics such as this? It literally is mob-rule. The base has changed and they’re unwilling to except that. We are not allowed to question the almighty leaders who are hypocritically violating their bylaws in many instances by donating to and supporting Democrat candidates (I did research for my hearing today) and it is very sad this continues on in what should be a dominant red county.

        1. unwilling to accept* that. All about the power-weilding pa gop elites and anti-grassroots populist conservative movement. Look how my elected committeeperson backroom removal went down on a weekend morning— a despicable, illegit procedure and unConstitutional.

          They are making swift enemies of influential party members by also endorsing candidates a) before the primary b) who don’t hold a fully Republican principled platform.

    3. Agree, Susan Jane Goldner is a true Republican. This is a complete disgrace what she has been out through. Susan Jane Goldner with or without the GOP, will continue her mission to achieve greatness in the name of a true Republican. In the end, only the strong, true face of the Party, such as Susan will survive.

    4. The real traitors to the Republican Party are the folks who keep voting for the RINOs as the lesser of two evils—well that’s not true and now we see that. Both are equally evil. The real infiltrators to a once great party here in suburban MontCo are the ones who tow-the-line for this deceptive, self-serving establishment and push their status-quo agenda of top-down conformity and refuse to fight the radical democrats, sabotaging and constantly eating their own. Shame on you.

      1. Unfortunately, many good people in the GOP are co-opted into believing the official #Establishment GOP candidates, despite having the evidence presented to them.

        Unity -at-all-costs is what is killing the Party as the Swamp #RINOs betray us time and time again.

        1. Yes, “unity at all costs” is what has compromised our liberty, our values, our principles, our foundation and freedoms as a party that should be centered around individualism.

          Also to note, the MontCo GOP considers it harassment to record convention and/or endorsement proceedings, however when they go to throw you out behind closed doors with hardly any notice, they record the proceedings against you to fit their narrative with lies, slant and disparagement. Downright evil and entirely hypocritical.

  4. This is precisely how the city of Philadelphia got 60 year rule by Democrats. The Republicans are still happy with crumbs while the city crumbles.

    1. They don’t even stand up to the Dems. They are wishy-washy and give in every which way to them, from School Board on up. Literally the definition of RINOs here in SEPA. I was told today that “I must cater to a moderate district”. I’m a populist conservative, I’m not caving on that stance. This is how we erode our individual liberties and lose our Constitutional Republic. That’s not to say I don’t find common ground with ppl on issues cause I always do— R, I, or D.

      1. The R leadership in the Philly ‘burbs has long been out of touch with its voters and considering the same cadre of familiar faces is working it’s way up the R leadership ladder throughout the state, do you really think anything will change? Not likely. I predict everything said about the Rs above will only become more true on a wider scale. Ms. Goldner has been ELECTED by voters in her precinct since 2013 and yet, the leadership is telling HER to whom she must cater? Gee, looks like the same geniuses who have led Rs to so many wins (not) are falling back on their old “winning” formula of “Who cares what R voters want? WE know best…” The only real question is, why keep the same R leadership with nothing but a growing record of losses tied to an obsolete view of American democracy? Or maybe it’s not democracy but an oligarchy that they’re after?

        1. Obsolete being the key word. Also very much out-of-touch with the voters, especially in my district, saw it intensify each election which is why I worked to bridge the gap and take grievances to ppl who I thought—more like misunderstood—wanted change and could help find solutions. I misunderstood and gave way too much credibility to the whole disorganized committee.

          It’s definitely symbolic of authoritarian rule of a small group of power-hungry individuals that are increasingly weak now (no money, candidates, lost elections, can’t get volunteers) and are shoveling their desperation and fears onto committeeppl who have the audacity to stand up to stuff that is wrong and ongoing and there is no shortage there. We need more fault-finders and truth-tellers and less go-alongs-to-get-along. Bc this is where and how Constitutional Republics go to die.

  5. Agreed, sad to say…a similar view of party politics is prompting many interested in higher office to run as independents–BUT ONLY if they are adept at raising their own funds. It can be done (not just from personal “wealth”, either), but that does take a particular skill set. In PA, as we know, independents can’t run in the primary, but that does leave more time for fund raising; however, independents also require more initial petition signatures. There are other pros and cons BUT running as an independent gives candidates the freedom to set their own platform and depending upon the office at stake, you could argue that the actual voting constituency has a better shot at getting particular issues included in that “platform”. Appears to me that perhaps more former Rs may consider going this route…

  6. I think anyone that cares enough to be a committeeperson should at least have the ear of the party represented, and not the admonishment— especially when the outcome is as poor as what we recently saw in Montgomery County. Republicans – TRUE Republicans, anyway – are empowered individuals with an abhorrence to “group think.” It’s therefore a natural side effect that our party will have more division, and discussion on best practices and ideas.
    What the MontcoGOP has done here is disappointing, because the energy and passion that Susan has demonstrated could have been utilized rather than snuffed out. It also will discourage valuable further dialogue on what actually went wrong in the last election, and the changes needed to succeed in the future.

  7. The fact that Nancy Marsden was removed roughly a year ago from her elected Republican committee post by democrat-in-disguise Lyin’ Liz, former Chair of MontCo GOP, and then put back on a few months ago by Christian, current MontCo GOPe Chair, to try and drag one candidate from Upper Dublin, PA across the finish line (even told ppl to bullet vote for her violating the by-laws, and she failed miserably) is all the proof you need that the deep state swamp Republican committee is a complete farce and I was removed solely for supporting outgoing twice-elected MontCo conservative Commissioner Joe Gale and President Donald Trump, along with calling out the SEPA RINOs legislatively.

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