Swarthmore Republicans Out Of The Closet

Swarthmore Republicans Out Of The Closet

By Bob Small

In Swarthmore, we pretty much believe “everything is everything” and do not question most desires.

Drag Queen Children’s Story Hour?


Five story condo in the middle of town?


You may even start seeing “Joe Biden again, I guess” signs popping up. 

But even “woke” Swarthmore can’t sleep on this. 

Nikki Haley Campaign signs on Swarthmore lawns that are not No Mow May Lawns 

This means that there are active Republicans living in Swarthmore. And we thought we had driven them all underground. Well, they have “come out”

Many see Nikki as an “antidote” to Trumpism and a reply to Bidenism.

Nikki Haley was born as Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, the daughter of (Sikh) Indian Immigrants whose business thrived in South Carolina.  She became a Methodist at some point in her journey.  She was the first female governor of South Carolina (2011-17).  She then became the US Ambassador to the UN (2017-18) under then President Trump, with whom she sometimes agreed. In 1996, she married then US serviceman Michael Haley.  At age 51, she is one of the youngest “declared” GOP Candidates.

Among her positions, she backs Congressional Term limits.

On abortion, she says  “Let’s find national consensus”, a truly radical position.

https://www.nbcnews.com › politics › 2024-election › nikki-haley-2024-candidate-pledging-federal-abortion-ban-not-honest-rcna84365

Nikki Haley: A 2024 candidate’s pledging a federal abortion ban would

This stirred up the SBA (Susan B. Anthony Pro Life America group)

If you want to read more on Nikki Haley, consider this 86-page article in Politico.com

Or this one.

It’s only 22 pages!

Who knows what other candidate signs might pop up in my borough. Chris Christie? Venture Capitalist Vivek Ramaswamy? Miami Mayor Francis Suarez?

This isn’t the Swarthmore I thought I knew.

Swarthmore Republicans Out Of The Closet

Swarthmore Republicans Out Of The Closet Swarthmore Republicans Out Of The Closet

2 thoughts on “Swarthmore Republicans Out Of The Closet”

  1. Great comedy piece…right? Nimrata is better than Joey Rotten for sure, but we need the Trump Card to win this hand! It’s nice to hear that the Swarthmore stuck-jaw set is beginning to realize that even they are going down if the country doesn’t get it’s mojo back; but until we see “BIDEN NO MORE IN ’24” signs in their yards, well the Main Line crowd will still be mainlining the wrong stuff.

  2. Nikki Haley = WEF

    As such she should be rejected along with the rest of the globalists. Period.

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