The Union, Delco And Lost Chances

Delaware County chipped in $34 million to build a soccer-only stadium in Chester for a privately owned team that couldn’t even work in Chester or Delco into its name.

The Delco Union. Probably not appropriate especially for the point about to be made.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center in Center City is under fire by conventioneers for the union-inspired, loanshark price structure to set up exhibits, even for work that could reasonably be done by the exhibitor himself. To use a laptop for an audiovisual display requires the involvement of a stagehand at $37 per hour. To use it to register visitors to the booth requires an electrician at $46 per hour, To erect the booth requires a carpenter at $107 per hour.

So what if Delaware County were to build or help build a convention center on the Chester waterfront as close to the casino as possible, and let the exhibitor set up sans involvement from the locals? It would be close to I-95, the Blue Route, the airport and a lot of hotels. And, of course, hotels and restaurants would spring up next to it.

It would do a roaring business and be a greater boon to Chester than either a soccer stadium or casino could be.

One thought on “The Union, Delco And Lost Chances”

  1. I’ve had booths put up at convention centers like that where they wouldn’t even allow you to carry your own books in or set up your own booth. I think it goes a bit too far when it comes to protecting union jobs. I also like the idea of a center in Chester–something that would really help the economy there. It is in the ideal location too.

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