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  1. Human perception recognizes three physical dimensions (variously described as height, length, width, depth, or similar terms), and time is often considered to be a fourth. So where does that leave the fifth, sixth, and seventh, and why do we concern ourselves specifically with the eighth? As Dr. Sneider explains, some scientists (such as Theodore Kaluza and later Oskar Klein) have proposed the possible existence of mini-dimensions that exist on a sub-atomic level: “Dimensions are usually diagrammed as infinitesimally thin, mutually perpendicular lines. In the Kaluza-Klein theory, these lines become cylinders with a radius much less than that of an atomic nucleus. In other words, each dimension of space-time is in fact two-dimensional, a cylinder of finite radius but infinite length. There would then be a total of eight dimensions, in which the eighth dimension is the sister dimension of everyday time, but at the subnuclear level.” It has since become suggested that there may in fact be many more dimensions than previously suspected, but the basic concept has not been entirely outmoded.


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