Buy Seeds, Canned Food

Buy Seeds, Canned Food 


By Dr. John Gilmore

I have started to look for a part-time job. I am surprised how hard it is to find one, yet again, since there are no jobs why would I wonder why there aren’t part-time ones? I am hoping that lowering taxes to the richest 2% of the people in the country will get me a job, like Congress says. 


Actually, that is just a joke. Who would ever think that cutting services for the lower 98% of the people and cutting taxes on the ultra rich at the federal level while they are being raised at the state, county and local level for the average individuals to make up for the short fall, will bring about economic prosperity.

This may have been the case long ago, but now there is a global economy. Money is trickling out to developing nations instead of down. Every tax cut means investments in competing countries overseas as we all end up fighting and scraping for the crumbs, and feeling good if we can just get a hold of something that isn’t too rotten. On top of this, most of these companies are insured by the US government. 


If they take a risk and fail at creating industry in another country and moving our jobs there, they will be reimbursed with tax payer money. That must feel good. I would be very patriotic if I were them.

Despite this our new GOP candidates have promised: to lower taxes, except on working class and the working poor; to cut programs for senior citizens, the disabled, the young, families, and able bodied adults who are unemployed; to cut spending to public education; to privatize utilities; (which means they will cost more) and to do many other things that will cost the average working person more and more. 


And the Liberals, of course, will apologetically go along with it. They are always sorry. There must be something magical about these people. People who should be working together protesting what they are doing are still fighting with each other. Some are even protecting them and pushing their agendas forward and destroying the future for all of our children and future generations.


These are interesting times. People who claim to be religious and/or Born Again Christians are Pro-Life, but very Pro-War. These church representatives are leading in the argument for social service cuts to the poor, lowering the minimum wage, getting rid of social security and medicare. 


Those who claim to be patriots are fighting against the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by trying to turn the government over to the very types of corporation that Adams, Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt fought to keep us free from.


There are news programs and TV stations that out right lie, but no one seems to do anything about it. My advice for everyone when you pull that lever in 2012 is to look two generations back at your own relatives and how they had to live, and vote in their best interest instead of voting against the interest of people who are just like them. That is my plan. Yet again, with all of the fixed voting machines that might not make a difference. Perhaps we all better buy a lot of seeds and canned food to hide in the basement as we wait for better times.

2 thoughts on “Buy Seeds, Canned Food”

  1. getting rid of social security and medicare.

    You have to take that logic through to the end, John.

    Are you defending the program or are you defending the purpose of the program?

    If it’s the program about which you are concerned, don’t worry. The political class won’t let their buds in the Social Security bureaucracy lose their fat salaries and sweet government pensions that are anything but what those who have been paying into SS can look forward to getting.

    And with government healthcare, feel confident that some agency will be available to mail you a plastic card saying you have a right to the best medical treatment and which you will be able to present to an officious person at some government building who will tell you that a doctor will be available to remove your appendix in six weeks.

    OTOH, if what you are concerned about is the purpose of the programs — that the needy should never fear a life of want —  join the club in losing sleep.

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