Juiceboxers Take Media Ignorance To New Level

As bad as the bias was that permeated the institutions that supplied the news for most Americans things have taken a frightening turn for the worse.

Those who write for the sources our self-described intellectual elites favor have shown themselves to be not merely ignorant of the basics of their beats but shamelessly so.

It’s like something out of movie Idiocracy, which was made but eight years ago.

Mollie Hemingway writing for TheFederalist.Com lays things out in all their ugliness.

She notes that New York Times writer Kate Zernike had no idea who Friedrich Hayek was. (Answer: the author of “Road to Serfdom” and the Nobel Prize winner for Economic Sciences in 1974.)

She excoriates David Savage of the Los Angeles Times who wrote earlier this month about that Supreme Court decisions under Chief Justice John Roberts saying they  “rely on well-established rights, such as freedom of speech and free exercise of religion, but extend those rights for the first time to corporations, wealthy donors and conservatives.”

So people who disagree with him who he calls “conservatives” didn’t have free speech until now?

How do these idiots get hired?

Ms. Hemingway describes how Ron Fournier of Vox (a new media site that hipsters think is hip) mixed up a map showing rates of gun ownership with that of gun violence.

She  points out that fellow Voxster Matt Yglesias mocked an airline for saying that the African nation of Ghana has giraffes by tweeting out a map of Africa saying “Where giraffes live versus where Ghana is”.

She gives a special category to Yglesias who wrote about South Florida without knowing what the Everglades was.

The name “juiceboxers” has been coined for these hip young precious pumpkins who were raised to believe  that whatever they said was right as long as it parroted political and social fashion.

Let us make sure they are not the future of communication.


Hat tip Ed Driscoll.


Juiceboxers Take Media Ignorance To New Level

Juiceboxers Take Media Ignorance To New Level




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