Megyn Kelly NBC Bound

Megyn Kelly NBC Bound
Will anchor in-depth news show.

Megyn Kelly NBC Bound — The New York Times is saying that Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News for NBC.

This is excellent news as this will significantly improve both networks.

Ms. Kelly was reportedly offered her own daytime news and discussion program, along with anchoring an in-depth Sunday night news show and taking a regular part in the network’s big-event coverage.

Megyn Kelly NBC Bound

5 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly NBC Bound”

  1. Meh. I stopped watching TV news even before I canceled cable.

    Plus, is the softcore photo from FHM or Esquire or whatever-the-hell magazine it was really relevant, or just gratuitous?

      1. She’s irrelevant, and she will become even moreso, when she moves to NBC. She’ll find that the timeslots she’s talking about aren’t as visible as the one she’s leaving.

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