Ethics Office Recommends Dropping Murtha Investigation

Ethics Office Recommends Dropping Murtha Investigation — The Office of Congressional Ethics announced this afternoon that it will recommend to the House Ethics Committee that matters be dropped regarding  the relationship between the PMA Group lobbying firm and congressmen John Murtha (D-PA12), Norm Dicks (D-Wash.) and Jim Moran (D-Va.).

PMA employees and clients were leading donors to Murtha, Moran, Dicks and other appropriators, and received multiple earmarksfrom them.

Ethics Office Recommends Dropping Murtha Investigation

Encounter With An Old Man

While walking the bad dog past the Springfield (Pa) Post Office this afternoon, an old fellow who just left the building unsolicitedly  asked me how I liked global warming. He said climate change was “bullsh*t”. He told me the polar bears were breeding like rabbits.

I had to agree. I told him it was just people looking for our money.

Why The Outrage In Lower Merion?

Why The Outrage In Lower Merion? — Lower Merion fans at a high school basketball game, Tuesday, said some rather nasty things regarding host Upper Darby which brought a response from the Royals side which eventually escalated into some extraordinary ugly and anti-Semitic statements regarding LM, which has a large Jewish population. These ugly statements included things like “We’ll write you letters when you’re in Auschwitz”.

Now, this is not something that should be ignored but since Tuesday the dinosaur media has been tut-tutting over incident and the officials from both schools have been indulging in public hand-wringing and the Lower Merion parents have been calling for the heads of the perpetrators.

All well and good but I remain amazed at the angst aimed at words chanted by ignorant teenagers at a basketball game, especially since all the groups expressing it — dinosaur journalists, school officials, Jewish parents, Lower Merion Township, Pa. — voted overwhelmingly for President Obama.

And President Obama is someone:

–Whose spiritual adviser blamed all the problems in the Mideast — and 9/11 to boot — on Zionism and whose institution bestowed upon Louis Farrakhan, the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award.

–Whose FCC diversity officer called the reign of Hugo Chavez — who appears to be leading a pogrom in Venezuela“really an incredible revolution”

–Who couldn’t bring himself to lend even moral support to opponents of the rabidly anti-Semitic Ahmadinejad regime after they were cheated out of an election. BTW, did you see where Iran just  occupied an Iraqi oil well? What will President Obama do?

You can’t fault people for being fooled which may have been the case last November. By now, however, you would think they would take some of that ire aimed at teenage stupidity and point it at something of consequence.

Why The Outrage In Lower Merion?

Little Threat Makes Luzerne County Remove Nativity Scene

Little Threat Makes Luzerne County Remove Nativity Scene — In a spectacular display of spinelessness, Luzerne County, Wednesday, removed a decades-old nativity scene — along with a menorah — from the county courthouse lawn.

The action occurred immediately after a Pittsburgh lawyer from the ACLU contacted County Solicitor Vito DeLuca  “to give the county an opportunity to remove the
items” before the ACLU filed court action, according to the Times Leader of Wilkes Barre.

The county was threatened with a suit over the matter in 1990, which never materialized.

What a display of courage. But then in 1990, Luzerne County wasn’t sending kids to prison to make a buck.

Little Threat Makes Luzerne County Remove Nativity Scene

The Men Who Seek To Rule The World

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Oscar/Nobel/Pultizer-winner, former Vice President Al Gore — the Buckaroo Banzai of the tree set — consider themselves to be decisive, assertive, purposeful men seeking to save the world. Yesterday, they were dramatically taped  at Copenhagen decisively, assertively and purposefully walking into a broom closet.

See the video here.

All that’s missing is for Brown to rap Gore on noggin and call him a knucklehead, and for Gore to start spinning on the floor.


The Men Who Seek To Rule The World

U.S. Investigating 5 Pa. Colleges For Discrimination Against Women

U.S. Investigating 5 Pa. Colleges For Discrimination Against Women –Shippensburg University, Messiah College, York College of Pennsylvania,  Gettysburg College and Lincoln University are among the targets of an investigation by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on whether they discriminate regarding the admission of females.

Fourteen colleges outside the state are also being investigated including Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University and Howard University.

“There is no suggestion that any of these schools aredoing anything wrong,” said Lenore Ostrowsky, the commission’s acting chief of public affairs. “They justfit the profile.”

I wonder when the Einsteins who are running this nation are going to wake up to the reality that the problem is that young men are not pursing higher education?

Maybe when we see them investigate the admission policy at Bryn Mawr College.

U.S. Investigating 5 Pa. Colleges For Discrimination Against Women

Judge Says Drill Baby, Drill In Allegheny National Forest

Judge Says Drill Baby, Drill In Allegheny National Forest — U.S. District Judge Sean J. McLaughlin, a Clinton appointee no less, said yesterday that drilling for oil and natural gas may resume in the Allegheny National Forest.

The U.S. Forest Service changed a long-standing practice in April to ban drilling in response to a suit by environmental groups
Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, Sierra Club and
Allegheny Defense Project.

Judge McLaughlin said the Forest Service wrongly interpreted the National Environmental Policy Act in changing its policy which had been to receive a proposal from a driller,
review it under previously established case law, and issue a Notice to
Proceed within 60 days.

The plaintiffs were Minard Run Oil Co., Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association, Allegheny Forest Alliance and Warren County. The economic losses of the small oil companies were in the millions with at least one laying off 40 percent of its workforce.

Thank you Judge McLaughlin for common sense.

Kudos to for the tip.

Judge Says Drill Baby, Drill In Allegheny National Forest

Obamaconomics Forces Pa. To Cut Spending

Gov. Ed Rendell, yesterday, announced a plan that would turn a $96 million deficit into a projected $124 million surplus by the end of the fiscal year in June.

The plan calls for reductions in discretionary grant programs and a 1 percent across-the-board cut in spending by state agencies. He would also use last year’s surpluses for some programs.

The reason for this is sluggish revenues — IOW  fewer people working means   fewer people are buying things which means less money for Harrisburg from the state sales tax; and obviously the receipts from the state income tax are going to be less.

And people just don’t seem to be flocking to the casinos do they?

Rendell says he hopes the action will mean he can avoid layoffs of state workers.

The laid-off non-state workers who still have to pay property taxes feel your pain, I’m sure.

Kudos to GrassrootsPa.Com for the tip.

Hey, The Inquirer Uses A “D”

The Philadelphia Inquirer in today’s front page story managed to put a D after  Stephen Stetler’s name when reporting his resignation as Pennsylvania’s revenue secretary shortly before Attorney General Tom Corbett announced that he was one of three officials being charged with six counts of conflict of interest, theft, and conspiracy.

Granted the Inky didn’t spell out the D as Democrat, nor did they put the word in the headline as they would have perhaps if another party had been involved, nor did it mention with the first reference the party affiliation of the other two persons, House Majority Whip Bill DeWeese and DeWeese legislative aide Sharon Rodavich — DeWeese got his D in the eighth paragraph — but I’ll chalk it up as progress.

DeWeese was a long-time power in state and Democratic Party politics for two decades, and was a big player in the 2005 pay raise matter.