Pope Francis AGW Conservatives

Pope Francis, yesterday, Jan. 18, in Manila made a strong environmental statement and again lent support to the theory that global warming is happening and is man made i.e. “anthropogenic” .

Conservatives are again angry at Francis.

Our suggestion is that rather than curse the darkness, light a candle.

Many decent people believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW). Ask yourself why you don’t.

To help, here are our reasons for skepticism:

1. The leading supporters hid data that contradicted their public conclusions and treated dissenters politically with attempts to punish and silence them rather than in accordance with the canons of science which would be giving them full and fair hearing then refuting them openly.

2. Falsities have been found in the arguments of those claiming AGW.

3. Hypocrisy has been found in the lifestyles of those claiming AGW. Really, if you believe that a particular behavior is going to destroy the lives of your children you don’t charter jets to catch New Year’s shows on different continents.  Nor do you live in energy-wasting villas. Either the activists don’t believe in what they say or they don’t care. We find this strange if one is talking about the end of the world.

4. The commonsense and practical actions that would drastically alleviate the claimed causes of AGW have been ignored, and even opposed by the supporters of AGW. When was the last time  you heard an AGW claimer exhorting for more telecommuting? How about nuclear power? If the effort was made circa Y2K to replace every coal plant in this nation with a nuke, alleged AGW gases would be half diminished by now. Even more bizarrely why do AGW claimers support the removal of hydro-electric dams to be replaced by AGW producing plants?

We can go on noting opposition to streamlining the removal of traffic bottlenecks by ending Davis-Bacon requirements, and toll roads.

Frankly, any of these by themselves is damning to the argument. As there are four of them color us extremely skeptical.

Also, while arguments from authority are anything but definitive, we will note that highly accredited and accomplished persons in the field of climate study doubt it is occurring. These include Joe Bastardi, longtime of Accuweather, and John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel; and Dr. Roy Spencer, who pioneered temperature-based satellite monitoring.

Pope Francis AGW Conservatives

Pope Francis AGW Conservatives
And Pope Francis AGW Conservatives

Pope Francis AGW views have conservatives angry.

4 thoughts on “Pope Francis AGW Conservatives”

  1. I like the way Dennis Prager puts it; I find it an easy way to clarify my position on global warming. If you believe the Left’s position, then you must believe three things:

    1. That the planet is getting hotter (ie, the mean temperature is increasing)
    2. That Man is the main agent responsible for this increase
    3. That there is anything we can do to stop it.

    If you don’t believe all three of these, then you disagree with the Left/Progressives, and their proposed solutions to the “crisis”.

    For myself, I’m not convinced that 1 is true, let alone 2 and 3. I concede that we can demonstrate increases, but we can also demonstrate decreases. It seems to me that it depends on the period the speaker chooses and the point he wants to make. But I also think that those who believe in man-made global warming ignore any other influences on the Earth’s climate, like the Sun, and geologic activity.

    I really wish this Pope would stick to talking about salvation, and not push his political agenda, born of his roots in South America. I really miss Benedict.

  2. Another excellent column, Bill.

    Pope Francis is warming things up by playing with fire.

    Is he adhering to the truth of God’s creation as revealed by science or is he playing redistributionist politics?

    Given his views on free enterprise and capitalism, I’d say it’s the latter.

    Very sad, indeed.

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