Prodigy And Sears’ Ironic Bankruptcy

Prodigy And Sears Ironic Bankruptcy
It’s the Willis Tower now.

Prodigy And Sears’ Ironic Bankruptcy — Sears, once the world’s largest retailer with the world’s tallest building, filed for bankruptcy today, Oct. 15, and is about to disappear.

Some are crediting Amazon and it’s use of mail order and the internet. The irony is that Sears became the Goliath of its day through mail order and catalogs, and that Sears through it’s involvement with the the online service Prodigy was an pioneer in the internet and e-commerce.

Prodigy And Sears Ironic Bankruptcy



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  1. This is not surprising considering the Sears @ Granite Run usually only has 2 cashiers per floor and they are on the floor merchandising stock. You have to activly search them out in order to pay for your item. Sears used to be the king of mail order and we always looked forward to the new catalog. It is a shame they had it all and could not figure it out in the modern world.

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