Where “R” the Jobs?

a Town Hall Meeting held by rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), chairman of the
House, Energy, and Commerce Committee and a member of the super
committee his constituents became angry. As Upton began to show them
charts about the money that would be saved by cutting medicare,
social security and continued tax-breaks for the ultra-rich one of
his constituency asked, Where are the jobs on that flip chart?”

This led to many questions concerning lack of job creation and the
tax-breaks for the ultra-rich that many thought were unfair and a
large contribution to the failing economy and lack of jobs. The room
soon erupted when he could not find an answer as his constituency
began to chant “Where are the jobs!,” demanding new jobs from the

the unemployment rate at 9% overall and in his district over all, and
much higher for people of color in many urban environments, the idea
of cutting taxes, benefits and service, for many without creating any
jobs were ridiculous. This cry for the creation of jobs in our
country is expanding and crossing all party lines. People seem to be
acting out, since they don’t seem to be heard by the GOP, Democratic
Party, or the Tea Party by demanding jobs themselves now. 

As a
response to this cry for jobs throughout the nation President Obama
has been formulating plans that will permit the creation of jobs
without a vote from Congress. I look forward to when this can be
done since Congress seems to be asleep at the wheel, or grand
standing, or operating at the behest of large corporations who want
nothing more than a surplus of workers available to keep the cost of labor (and pay wages) down.

One thought on “Where “R” the Jobs?”

  1. President Obama and his merry band of regulators have killed the prospect of any meaningful growth in jobs. It will be great if his proposals work but I think he’s just rearranging the chairs on the USA Titanic he has been sinking during his tenure.

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