2000 Mules Has Free Link

2000 Mules Has Free Link

Update: 2000 Mules can be found for free on Bitchute as of the morning of May 14: https://www.bitchute.com/video/oUxVva4yWsuu/

Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules can be watched for free, as of now, at his Locals page. Click on “let me view this content first.”

D’Souza describes how Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips from True the Vote used the same purchasable cell phone data that Big Tech sells to advertisers to trace individuals whom they termed “mules” as they went from non-profit (Democrat front) organizations to ballot drop boxes in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan during the 2020 election.

Sounds iffy? They tested this technique by actually solving a murder in Georgia.

And the used official surveillance video of the boxes to corroborate the stuffing.

At about the 32 minute mark of the 1 hour and 28 minute movie the Philly fraud is addressed.

2000 Mules Has Free Link

“In Philadelphia alone, we’ve identified more than 1,100 mules at rates well beyond anything we’ve seen, closer to 50 drop boxes each,” said Phillips. “We saw people driving back and forth to New Jersey across the bridge.”

At 55,000 visits with 3 ballots each — a low estimate that would mean 165,000 illegal votes for Biden.

That explains why election watchers were kept an unwatchable distance from the ballots being counted downtown.

The margin of Biden’s victory was 80,000

Trump is the rightful president.

Watch the movie. You’re allowed to be mad.

And it’s more important the ever to vote.

2000 Mules Has Free Link

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  1. i will be so thankful to pay to watch Dinesh’s 2000 mules, but no body, no one, no place takes cash. every body has to be electrified. what a shame the very principals we fight for are overthrown when a content creator electronically signs on on the computer. o wall, this is the rule and i am an exception. i guess i will just miss this conversation.

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