Designed to Debunk Lies About America

Bob Small of Swarthmore has forwarded this information about a free online-class at Hillsdale College that many of our readers might find of interest. The class is designed to debunk the premeditated lies about our nation being promoted by what has become the establishment.

It is widely claimed today that our nation is irredeemably flawed—that America has been fundamentally unjust from the beginning due to the “systemic racism.”

The purpose of promoting this falsehood is to sever Americans’ patriotic attachment to our country and its founding principles in order to replace our limited government Constitution with radically different form of government.

The only way to confront this false and dangerous narrative—and preserve free government—is to counter it with the true and honest story of America’s quest to achieve justice.

Next month, Hillsdale College will be releasing its latest free online course: “Civil Rights in American History.” I invite you to pre-register for this free online course by visiting this secure link:

Topics covered by this nine-lecture course include:

  • The American Founders’ understanding of equality and natural rights
  • The arguments over slavery from the founding period through the Civil War
  • The true history of Reconstruction
  • The importance of civil rights leaders from Booker T. Washington to Martin Luther King, Jr. in the quest for justice
  • The impact and legacy of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • The danger posed to civil rights by identity politics today

Given the divisions in our country and the violence in our cities, this new course on “Civil Rights in American History” could not be more timely.

To guarantee the impact of this timely and important new course, we have set a goal to raise $350,000 by midnight on November 21.

You can pre-register now for this important free online course at this secure page.

And after you pre-register, please consider how you can help promote Hillsdale’s free online courses and other educational outreach efforts in this critical time for America by giving your best gift today.

Designed to Debunk Lies About America
Designed to Debunk Lies About America

Soul that is within William Lawrence Sr Cyrptowit 11-21-20

Soul that is within William Lawrence Sr Cyrptowit 11-21-20

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I. Y. Rkcoy

Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit puzzle: The soul that is within me no man can degrade.
Frederick Douglass

Soul that is within William Lawrence Sr Cyrptowit 11-21-20

Soul that is within William Lawrence Sr Cyrptowit 11-21-20
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