Galley slaves William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 10-15-21

Galley slaves William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 10-15-21Galley slaves William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 10-15-15

Ben Hur was wrong. The Roman and Greek navies did not use slaves or prisoners to row galleys but professional rowers. Galley salves did not become common until the 16th century long after those empires fell.

Galley slaves William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 10-15-21

Biden Frivolously Neglects National Security

Biden Frivolously Neglects National Security

By Joe Guzzardi  

To learn first-hand how negligent the federal government is about national security, book an airline reservation to any destination. By comparison to the open Southwest border, airports are locked down tight.

Biden Frivolously Neglects National

The pre-boarding drill is too familiar. Travelers, once at the football-field long Transportation Safety Administration pre-boarding line, must remove shoes. After taking out iPads, liquids, gels and aerosol items (maximum 3.4 ounce-capacity) which have been packed into one quart-sized, clear plastic bag with a zip-top closure, airplane passengers then must toss their baggage into bins for screening.

After that frustrating drill, passengers must show government-issued identification with a current photograph to a TSA official, and go through a metal detector. Unlucky passengers are pulled aside for further screening with either a full-body pat-down or a handheld wand that’s passed across the upper torso, hands, legs and backsides. These considerable inconveniences that often involve affronts to privacy cost taxpayers $7.7 billion annually.

At the border, however, illegal aliens from more than 100 countries have been able to walk right in, surrender to Customs and Border Protection agents, and wait for transportation to their final destination within the U.S. The aliens’ backgrounds and health status at the time of their crossing are unknown. But, after the fact, officials learned that more than 18 percent of illegal immigrant families and 20 percent of unaccompanied minorswho recently crossed the U.S. border tested COVID-positive before border agents released them into the interior.

Moreover, trusted border sources revealed that, exclusive of their immigration offenses, 15 percent of border crossers have criminal records. Edgar Campos-Campos, for example, a previously deported and now detained Mexican national, was convicted of aggravated statutory rape in Bedford County, Tenn. Immigration law, until Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas redefined to his advantage what criminal behavior is, banned convicted felons from reentry. In his memo to Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Tae D. Johnson, Mayorkas also doubled down on keeping the border crisis overheated when he pronounced that “undocumented non-citizens,” as he calls illegal immigrants, won’t be deported unless they represent a threat to border security, national security or public safety.

The contrast between airport security and open border insecurity proves that the U.S. isn’t a serious country. If the federal government should suddenly become motivated to protect its citizens, the border could be secured in little time. Israel can share its approach. Last month, Israel Aerospace Industries, a defense contractor, introduced REX MKII, a remote-controlled robot that can patrol border zones and track infiltrators. The unmanned vehicle can be tablet or manually controlled to achieve the most effective movement or surveillance functions. REX MKII is the latest addition to the drone technology world. Proponents claim that semi-autonomous machines, like the four-wheel-drive robot REX MKII, provide a large range of protection as they gather intelligence. The Israeli military currently uses a smaller but similar vehicle called the Jaguar to patrol Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.

Israel is keenly aware of threats from foreign enemies, but the U.S. is indifferent to the identical risks. Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, ousted by Biden after his 30-year career defending the homeland, said that terrorists and other criminals, now aware that the border is open, are diligently trying to cross into the U.S. Scott said that criminals want to gain access to the U.S. interior. Statistically, Scott added, the widely available public CBP statistics prove that every year the illegal entries always include rapists, murderers and potential terrorists. “Those all exist in who we actually catch,” Scott said, concluding that “to think there is not just as bad or worse people in those getting away would be naive.”

Scott’s credible warnings should be heeded. Moreover, last year’s DHS Assessment Threat predicted the 15,000-strong Haitian surge, also ignored. Neither Biden nor his immigration czar Vice President Kamala Harris has been to the border, proof of their superficiality. DHS Secretary Mayorkas continues to undermine national security and subvert immigration law with his dangerous statements and inaction. In the Biden White House, naïveté, to Scott’s assessment, reigns.

Joe Guzzardi is a Progressives for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Biden Frivolously Neglects National Security

Elanco Arrogance Inspires Mom To Run For School Board

Elanco Arrogance Inspires Mom To Run For School Board — A silver lining in the dark cloud of the last two years is that citizens are waking up and getting involved.

Jennifer Jarvis of Lancaster County, Pa. attended her first school board meeting last month. She was concerned about the Eastern Lancaster County School District’s (Elanco) stringent mandatory mask policy and the affect it would have on her seven-year-old son who has autism and a sensory processing disorder.

The school board brushed her concerns aside with condescension and arrogance.

Mrs. Jarvis wouldn’t quit, though, and her story hit a nerve. Other parents came to her side.

The board backed down and exemptions to the pointless, if not dangerous, rule became easy to come by.

Oh but the hornet’s nest was kicked. If you can’t trust your elected officials to do what’s right when they aren’t being watched, you can’t trust your elected officials.

Mrs. Jarvis decided to launch a last minute write-in campaign for the Nov. 2 school board election. Four seats are contested. All incumbents are running but besides Ms. Jarvis there are two other write-in candidates.

She says one thinks like her but they are not coordinating their campaigns. The other thinks the opposite of her.

Mrs. Jarvis, though, seems to have captured the imagination. People are approaching her with concerns long ignored.

One person described how a copy of Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green had been circulated from the Garden Spot High School/Middle School Library, and the school officials shrugged off complaints.

The book, ostensibly about an eating disorder, includes illustrations of sexual relations that are rather graphic for a school book.

See below.


Mrs. Jarvis said that someone from neighboring Conestoga Valley School District informed her that district is planning an in-school Covid vaccination clinic. She investigated and confirmed it is being considered.

There is a pretty solid argument that the young should remain unvaxxed. The vax might even be more dangerous than the disease for the young.

We are wishing you well Mrs. Jarvis.

Again, sorry for the below image but it was in a school book.

Elanco Arrogance Inspires Mom To Run For School Board
Elanco Arrogance Inspires Mom To Run For School Board

Philosophy of the school room William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-15-21

Philosophy of the school room William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-15-21

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Philosophy of the school room William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-15-21Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.
Abraham Lincoln

Philosophy of the school room William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-15-21