Vladimir Putin Based Leader? Oh, The Irony

Vladimir Putin Based Leader? Oh, The Irony — Russian President Valadimir Putin spoke, Oct. 21, at the Valdai International Discussion Club.

Among, what he said was this:

We look in amazement at the processes underway in the countries which have been traditionally looked at as the standard-bearers of progress. Of course, the social and cultural shocks that are taking place in the United States and Western Europe are none of our business; we are keeping out of this. Some people in the West believe that an aggressive elimination of entire pages from their own history, “reverse discrimination” against the majority in the interests of a minority, and the demand to give up the traditional notions of mother, father, family and even gender, they believe that all of these are the mileposts on the path towards social renewal.

Listen, I would like to point out once again that they have a right to do this, we are keeping out of this. But we would like to ask them to keep out of our business as well. We have a different viewpoint, at least the overwhelming majority of Russian society – it would be more correct to put it this way – has a different opinion on this matter. We believe that we must rely on our own spiritual values, our historical tradition and the culture of our multiethnic nation.

The advocates of so-called ‘social progress’ believe they are introducing humanity to some kind of a new and better consciousness. Godspeed, hoist the flags as we say, go right ahead. The only thing that I want to say now is that their prescriptions are not new at all. It may come as a surprise to some people, but Russia has been there already. After the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks, relying on the dogmas of Marx and Engels, also said that they would change existing ways and customs and not just political and economic ones, but the very notion of human morality and the foundations of a healthy society. The destruction of age-old values, religion and relations between people, up to and including the total rejection of family (we had that, too), encouragement to inform on loved ones – all this was proclaimed progress and, by the way, was widely supported around the world back then and was quite fashionable, same as today. By the way, the Bolsheviks were absolutely intolerant of opinions other than theirs.

This, I believe, should call to mind some of what we are witnessing now. Looking at what is happening in a number of Western countries, we are amazed to see the domestic practices, which we, fortunately, have left, I hope, in the distant past. The fight for equality and against discrimination has turned into aggressive dogmatism bordering on absurdity, when the works of the great authors of the past – such as Shakespeare – are no longer taught at schools or universities, because their ideas are believed to be backward. The classics are declared backward and ignorant of the importance of gender or race. In Hollywood memos are distributed about proper storytelling and how many characters of what colour or gender should be in a movie. This is even worse than the agitprop department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Countering acts of racism is a necessary and noble cause, but the new ‘cancel culture’ has turned it into ‘reverse discrimination’ that is, reverse racism. The obsessive emphasis on race is further dividing people, when the real fighters for civil rights dreamed precisely about erasing differences and refusing to divide people by skin colour. I specifically asked my colleagues to find the following quote from Martin Luther King: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by their character.” This is the true value. However, things are turning out differently there. By the way, the absolute majority of Russian people do not think that the colour of a person’s skin or their gender is an important matter. Each of us is a human being. This is what matters.

In a number of Western countries, the debate over men’s and women’s rights has turned into a perfect phantasmagoria. Look, beware of going where the Bolsheviks once planned to go – not only communalising chickens, but also communalising women. One more step and you will be there.

Zealots of these new approaches even go so far as to want to abolish these concepts altogether. Anyone who dares mention that men and women actually exist, which is a biological fact, risk being ostracised. “Parent number one” and “parent number two,” “’birthing parent” instead of “mother,” and “human milk” replacing “breastmilk” because it might upset the people who are unsure about their own gender. I repeat, this is nothing new; in the 1920s, the so-called Soviet Kulturtraegers also invented some newspeak believing they were creating a new consciousness and changing values that way. And, as I have already said, they made such a mess it still makes one shudder at times.

Not to mention some truly monstrous things when children are taught from an early age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa. That is, the teachers actually impose on them a choice we all supposedly have. They do so while shutting the parents out of the process and forcing the child to make decisions that can upend their entire life. They do not even bother to consult with child psychologists – is a child at this age even capable of making a decision of this kind? Calling a spade a spade, this verges on a crime against humanity, and it is being done in the name and under the banner of progress.

Well, if someone likes this, let them do it. I have already mentioned that, in shaping our approaches, we will be guided by a healthy conservatism. That was a few years ago, when passions on the international arena were not yet running as high as they are now, although, of course, we can say that clouds were gathering even then. Now, when the world is going through a structural disruption, the importance of reasonable conservatism as the foundation for a political course has skyrocketed – precisely because of the multiplying risks and dangers, and the fragility of the reality around us.

This conservative approach is not about an ignorant traditionalism, a fear of change or a restraining game, much less about withdrawing into our own shell. It is primarily about reliance on a time-tested tradition, the preservation and growth of the population, a realistic assessment of oneself and others, a precise alignment of priorities, a correlation of necessity and possibility, a prudent formulation of goals, and a fundamental rejection of extremism as a method. And frankly, in the impending period of global reconstruction, which may take quite long, with its final design being uncertain, moderate conservatism is the most reasonable line of conduct, as far as I see it. It will inevitably change at some point, but so far, do no harm – the guiding principle in medicine – seems to be the most rational one. Noli nocere, as they say.

Again, for us in Russia, these are not some speculative postulates, but lessons from our difficult and sometimes tragic history. The cost of ill-conceived social experiments is sometimes beyond estimation. Such actions can destroy not only the material, but also the spiritual foundations of human existence, leaving behind moral wreckage where nothing can be built to replace it for a long time.

This translation comes from the Kremlin website where the entire speech can be found.


I’m not making Putin look good. The jackasses who had a father arrested at a Loudoun County School Board meeting after he confronted them about the rape of his daughter in a school bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt, are making him look good.

Attorney General Merrick Garland labeling parents objecting to school curriculum as “terrorists” then siccing on them the FBI is making Putin look good.

Promoting the lie that the United States is an immoral nation built on the backs of slaves — which is being done in schools and the establishment media –is making Putin look good.

Trying to make little boys into girls and vice versa is making Putin look good.

Sick and twisted people have taken control of our institutions and corporations. The first step in fighting this is to simply recognize it. The second step is to realize most agree with you. All we need to win is the truth, and the truth is what we have.

Two little things you can do after you take the second step:

Make your default search engine DuckDuckGo in lieu of Google, Bing or Yahoo. We said it first, but Joe Rogan is now on board. It’s easy. Here’s how.

Vote on Nov. 2. The state judicial elections are important.

Vladimir Putin Based Leader? Oh, The Irony
Vladimir Putin Based Leader? Oh, The Irony

Vladimir Putin Based Leader? Oh, The Irony

Vladimir Putin Based Leader? Oh, The Irony

Vladimir Putin Based Leader? Oh, The Irony

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’

By Bob Small

Preventing voter denial.

So this was the Presidential Election of 2004 and my Pennsylvania Social Service Union (PSSU) arranged for some recent retirees to work the election season with America Coming Together (ACT).

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin'

ACT was a political action 527, whose most famous Funder was George Soros.

Technically non-partisan — we could not be pro John Forbes Kerry — but we could be non-favorable to George Walker Bush i.e. telling the citizenry that it may be time for a change.

Due to these niceties, many of the people we came in contact with believed we were Socialists, once we convinced them we were not Jehovah’s Witnesses as we were going from urban door to urban door and suburban door to suburban door. Our stated task and what we were funded for, was the noble task of voter registration.

Once I decided I no longer wanted to go with my crew on the mean streets of Boothwyn or Philly, I invented a program which would have a crew to go to senior homes and help the residents complete absentee ballots.

We did this for the rest of the election season, until the absentee ballot deadline.

The facilities loved us because our program would begin in the late morning and continue until lunch then begin again, answering all manners of questions and leaving before rush hour.

Sadly, these efforts to provide absentee ballots to the old and disabled doesn’t seem to have been continued in the 17 years since.

While this does not qualify as voter suppression could it be called voter denial?

Most of the staff in these facilities probably have no reason to work to register the persons living there

This was one of the original reason for absentee ballots but, well, that reason seems to have mutated to people wanting to avoid large Covidy crowds.

I can understand that reasoning but, personally, avoid embracing it.

Due to Covid, we try to avoid large crowds, but on Nov. 2, we will walk the block to our Polling Place and cast our in person votes, because, as Americans and as Greens, that is what we do. Then, as husband and wife, we will go home and argue about it. Because that’s also what we do.

Lastly, because, well, I have worked for the Post Office and other government bureaucracies, I vote in person.

Just saying.

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’

Unrestrained liberalism William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-21

Unrestrained liberalism William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-21

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Unrestrained liberalism William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-21Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Unrestrained liberalism only makes the strong stronger and the weak weaker and excludes the most excluded.
Pope Francis

Unrestrained liberalism William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-21