Roe Is Social Poison And Must Go

Roe Is Social Poison And Must Go — A poisonous leak from the Supreme Court has revealed that the poisonous Roe V Wade decision appears about to be overturned.

If you doubt that Roe was poison, review any Senate hearing for a Republican Supreme Court nominee over the last four decades. You’ll see shrieking harpies haranguing lawmakers in legislative hallways, and misogynistic hypocrites like the late and unlamented Ted Kennedy and the lamentable Joe Biden trying to ruin the lives of decent people with lies and distortions.

Sometimes successfully.

How has that not poisoned and divided our society?

You ever see this go on in Europe?

No. Because the nations of Europe don’t call abortion a right and have handled the matter legislatively.

Roe Is Social Poison And Must Go
A 12-week old human being

Progressive feminist Sweden bans abortion at 18 weeks, with exceptions. Enlightened France bans abortion at 14 weeks with exceptions.

This is stricter than all but three states.

The weeks are counted by gestational age which is usually considered 14 days prior to conception.

Ladies, did you ever consider that saying the baby is your body is really not the smartest message to send to young males trying to figure things out, and that the guys cheering you on are the users of the world like Kennedy or Clinton or pick your Hollywood rapist?

 Caitlin Flanagan writing for The Atlantic in 2019 noted that deaths from unsafe abortions prior to legalization were not rare.

Then she says this:

What I can’t face about abortion is the reality of it: that these are human beings, the most vulnerable among us, and we have no care for them. How terrible to know that in the space of an hour, a baby could be alive—his heart beating, his kidneys creating the urine that becomes the amniotic fluid of his safe home—and then be dead, his heart stopped, his body soon to be discarded.

And that’s the point of the debate.

A society that treats innocent, helpless human beings as disposable whether that person is a baby or is elderly or has Down syndrome, is a society that is going to die and deserves to do so.

A blanket ban on abortion may be a bad idea, but calling abortion a “right” is the worst idea of all.

Roe Is Social Poison And Must Go

Swarthmore Planners Reject Condo Monstrosity

Swarthmore Planners Reject Condo Monstrosity

By Bob Small

I wrote about citizen activists winning in Lancaster County, now I can say they’ve won in Swarthmore.

At least round one.

On April 26, the Swarthmore Borough Planning Commission met to consider the demolition of the historic Celia Building at 102-104 Park Ave along with buildings at 110 and 112 Park Ave. so that developers, William Cumby, Jr. and Don Delson, could proceed with construction of a five-story condominium.

The way these hearings proceed, public comment is followed by discussion among the nine-member panel followed by the vote, usually one of approval.

The various commissions rarely meet a proposal they don’t like.

However as the 35 or so members of the public spoke in the three-plus hour meeting, only two supported the proposal.  The night ended with the planners recommending that Borough Council deny the application.

Save Our Swarthmore has video of the meeting on their website.

The developers have vowed to fight on as they maintain that this will set “a precedent that will  preclude any revitalization of the Town Center”, irregardless of numerous developments like the Swarthmore Inn, the Roundabout, and three establishments in formally “dry” Swarthmore that now sell liquor, all of which were intimated to be part of the “revitalization” effort.

If this doesn’t work, maybe we could try “the Quaker Casino”.

At the Borough Council meeting on Monday, May 2, the developers had gathered 22 supporters against an opposition of 13.  Interestingly enough, Planning Commission Chair Chris DeBruyn who was absent at the April 26 meeting said that he had been there he would have backed demolition.

Walking out after three hours, before the end of the Borough Council Meeting but after all the public comment, none of us felt that a good enough case had been made for how the Condos would actually benefit Swarthmore.

Swarthmore Borough Council will meet May 19 to consider the recommendation from the planning commission.

Swarthmore Planners Reject Condo Monstrosity
Swarthmore Planners Reject Condo Monstrosity

William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 5-4-16

William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 5-4-16

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Happy birthday to the best dad!Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Happy birthday to the best dad!

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