Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records

Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records

UPDATE: Trump Says Kathy Cannot Win In November

Kathy Barnette has forwarded her military records to Jack Posobiec showing she served with the Army National Guard of Alabama and as a Reserve of the Army from Sept. 24, 1993 to Dec. 5, 1997 leaving with a rank of E4 and an honorable discharge. 

Guess she’s got our vote back. 

She should probably get a new PR guy.

Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records
Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records

Ron Vogel Smeared Because He Wasn’t Establishment’s Choice

Ron Vogel Smeared Because He Wasn’t Establishment’s Choice

By Nicole Roman

Observing the political arena during the last decade I have learned politics is an industry that is ethically challenged.  I believe it is fair to say many citizens have witnessed the depths of what some self-serving, motivated folks will stoop to for political gain. Due to the manipulation of personal videos, the manipulation of personal media posts and publishing of fake news there are too many immediate “rush to judgement” verdicts despite not having the facts. For example, the attacks on Nick Sandmann, the Duke Lacrosse case, the Jussie Smollett fiasco, and the despicable treatment of Judge Kavanaugh. In the end, the facts presented in court would prove to expose the accusations as wildly false.

The complete facts in Ron Vogel’s case were never fully exposed by certain high ranking members of the Republican Committee. If they were, it would have been clear to the members that certain high ranking members of the Republican Committee were building a house of cards for the sole purpose of taking down the leading candidate because he was not their “establishment” choice.

Ron Vogel Smeared Because He Wasn't Establishment's Choice
The Vogels

Accusing anybody of antisemitism, racism and sexism, is a very serious claim, especially for a public figure and one who will be representing the citizens of his district. Therefore, it is essential that the facts be completely uncovered and deeply studied to be absolutely certain that claims are accurate. This is especially true before you take the serious step to censure a candidate.

In the case against Ron Vogel, it is clear to see that the full facts as presented were not examined in total, and if they were, the full facts were not explained or considered because, if they were, if would lead to total exoneration of any accusation against Ron Vogel. Because there was a rush to judgement in this case and because the accusations clearly don’t match the full facts, the obvious conclusion is that there was a political vendetta against Ron Vogel by certain members of the executive Republican Committee that voted to censure him.

Fact: About ten years ago Ron watched a video parody, a clip from the movie Downfall, that had Hitler in it and he thought it was funny.

Full Fact: The subject matter of the video consisted entirely about a hockey playoff game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers. This is one of many similar videos on YouTube and has been on there for years. Youtube monitors their site and deletes objectionable/racist videos. How can this one have been on there for a decade? Simple, it is not anti-Semitic in any way.

Under these new standards of racism, if you watch a parody with Hitler in it, you are a racist. We’ve all heard of the film Jojo Rabbit. It was a comedic film which included Hitler. The film was chosen by the National Board of Review and the American Film Institute as one of the ten best films of the year. It won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and was nominated for Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards. Millions of people saw this movie. Are we to believe that all of these people are anti-Semitic? We know that is nonsense, just as is their claim against Ron as being racist.

Fact: Ron is being accused of being racist because somebody sent him a message using an offensive word.

Full Fact: Ron DID NOT use the offensive word and it was in no way being used in any context in an offensive manner. So, if you believe the claim against Ron, the new standard is that if anybody decides to send you a message containing an offensive word, YOU are now a racist!  Again, this is another nonsensical claim against Ron Vogel. 

As far as the sexist claim, it is even weaker, if that is possible.

Fact: Ron posted a link to a song that he liked.

Full Fact: The artist of the song goes by a name that could be offensive to women. The lyrics of the song are not offensive. So, this new standard is that if you listen to any music from an artist who has a name that can be construed as offensive, you are now sexist. Another poorly thought out, false claim against Ron!

So when full truth is known, the whole house of cards against Ron comes tumbling down. But why was this house of cards built in the first place? Was there some sort of hidden agenda??

Consider some of the timing of the politics involved. An original date had been set for the Chester County Republican Convention. Mysteriously, the convention was rescheduled just days before that was to take place. And then, it was rescheduled yet another time. At this time there were five candidates campaigning for the position and straw polls had Ron Vogel as the leader. However, somewhere in this extended time period, Guy Ciarrocchi announced that he is terminating his failed campaign for governor and is running for the U.S. Congress Representative position in District 6. Question.  Does this give the appearance that the Republican Committee changed the dates of the convention to accommodate and allow Guy Ciarrocchi the time he would need to enter the 6th District race?  Did you know when the Chester County convention finally took place, Ron Vogel finished as the top candidate, beating Guy Ciarrocchi by a wide margin (190 votes to 137 votes). This must not have sat well with the “Establishment” Republicans.

In fact, Ron Vogel was the ONLY candidate to come out of both the Berks County and the Chester County Conventions with a recommendation by the Republican Party.

It’s no secret that Ron Vogel has been running as an anti-establishment “common sense” candidate and that likely stirred ire and discontent among the Republican establishment.  It’s no secret Ron is not a politician.  Ron has answered the call from respected citizens and leaders throughout our local communities asking for hard working non-political figures to run for office. 

It’s been known in the Republican circle that the Republican establishment wants Guy Ciarrocchi to win. To what means can they tip the scale? Does the end justify the means?

Just after their Chester County Republican Executive Committee “secret” meeting to discuss these bogus claims against Ron Vogel, there was an article about it in the local newspaper the next day with “facts” that would only have been known to the participants of the “secret” meeting. Why would anybody from the Republican Executive Committee leak that info? The plausible explanation is to hurt Ron Vogel, the candidate who was the front-runner.  Did they follow it up with their “hurried and “before the facts” censure to help their “chosen” candidate, establishment Guy Ciarrocchi, along?  So, to them, it appears as the end does justify the means. 

But, the voters will not see it that way.

Why can’t there be honest elections?  Why does campaigning take such unethical turns?  Why do “connected” individuals continue to win these congressional seats?  Why does our community continue to wonder and ask how was this representative elected?!  Common sense voters will consider all of these questions and in the end the voters will demand justice and justice is seeing their chosen candidate, Ron Vogel, being voted in as the next Representative in District 6.

Nicole Roman is a resident of Norristown.

Ron Vogel Smeared Because He Wasn’t Establishment’s Choice

Salena Zito On Kathy Barnette

Salena Zito On Kathy Barnette

Update: Trump Says Kathy Cannot Win In November

Update: Kathy Barnette has forwarded her military records to Jack Posobiec showing she served with the Army National Guard of Alabama and as a Reserve of the Army from Sept. 24, 1993 to Dec. 5, 1997 leaving with a rank of E4 and an honorable discharge. Guess she’s got our vote back. She should probably get a new PR guy.

We’ve been backing Kathy Barnette for a month as she seeks the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

Then Salena Zito writes this rather tough article about her in the Washington Examiner.

Salena is one of the journalists we respect.

All should read it.

Maybe we’ll switch to Oz after all.

Of course, Kathy could cement our support for her by just answering Salena’s very reasonable questions.

Salena Zito On Kathy Barnette
She has our vote back.

Salena Zito On Kathy Barnette

Charlie Gerow Says Wolf Policies Inspired Run

Charlie Gerow Says Wolf Policies Inspired Run

By Bob Small

Charlie Gerow is one of the nine GOP candidates running to replace Gov. Tom Wolf this November. He has been criss-crossing the state this primary season with radio and television interviews, and attending events and forums.

He finds the people at his meet and greets particularly uplifting.

“(I like) their optimism, their spirit and their spunk,” he says.

It was the policies of the Wolf administration that led Gerow to run for governor, and he was encouraged to do so by many including Congressman Glenn “G. T.”  Thompson (R-PA15).

Charlie Gerow Says Wolf Policies Inspired Run
Charlie Gerow on the campaign trail

“We are in a battle for the heart and soul of America,” he says.

He says he would repeal “in a heartbeat” ACT 77 — which legalized no-excuse mail-in voting.

He would allow trans-sexual surgery for those under 18 only with parental consent.

He would sign HB 904 that would limit access to abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Gerow said that it is presumptive Democrat gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro and his fellow party members that have the radical position abortion.

He said he supports changing the law to allow the sale of “small amounts of recreational marijuana”. He said that many of his friends in law enforcement think that “now is the time”.

Wherever possible, Gerow would work to find common ground with Democrats on various issues.  He says he’s been dubbed “the conservative happy warrior”.

He feels that Pennsylvania should use all its natural resources to work towards energy independence including coal, gas, solar power, and rather than being dependent upon people who hate us.

Though Gerow is polling rather low, he still sees a path to victory.  He’s been running a positive campaign and feels he can beat Josh Shapiro.

He mentioned his “small-business experience” as the CEO of Quantum Communications. He shared his personal story, starting life as a impoverished child in Brazil, where he was adopted by American missionaries. He is proud to have worked on the campaign staff of President Reagan and to have been involved in the arrangements for Reagan’s funeral.

Gerow is the vice chairman of Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and the American Conservative Union. He lists Newt Gingrich and Michael Reagan as among his supporters.

Charlie Gerow Says Wolf Policies Inspired Run

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