Salena Zito On Kathy Barnette

Salena Zito On Kathy Barnette

Update: Trump Says Kathy Cannot Win In November

Update: Kathy Barnette has forwarded her military records to Jack Posobiec showing she served with the Army National Guard of Alabama and as a Reserve of the Army from Sept. 24, 1993 to Dec. 5, 1997 leaving with a rank of E4 and an honorable discharge. Guess she’s got our vote back. She should probably get a new PR guy.

We’ve been backing Kathy Barnette for a month as she seeks the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

Then Salena Zito writes this rather tough article about her in the Washington Examiner.

Salena is one of the journalists we respect.

All should read it.

Maybe we’ll switch to Oz after all.

Of course, Kathy could cement our support for her by just answering Salena’s very reasonable questions.

Salena Zito On Kathy Barnette
She has our vote back.

Salena Zito On Kathy Barnette

6 thoughts on “Salena Zito On Kathy Barnette”

  1. ‘The reply from the campaign manager noted, “Kathy keeps her early life as private as possible as I am sure you can understand why” — a reference one could surmise was to her life story, which she told compellingly in an ad this past week about being the child of rape.’ Kathy’s campaign manager is Bob Gillies.
    I am happy that Selena Zito wrote this article about Barnette. When Kathy ran against Madeline Dean for Congress in 2020, all she talked about was her early private life. She exploits her mother’s tragic experience. Kathy was a product of rape and that is why she is against abortion? Kathy claims her mother, Mamie, chose to have her instead of having an abortion. This is patently false. I had a long conversation with Mamie when we met in early 2020, and she herself told me she did not have a choice.
    First, abortion was still illegal at that time. Second, Mamie was 11 years old, so it was her adoptive mother (or the woman who took Mamie in as a baby), who made the decision. A few years later, Mamie was married to the man, 10 years her senior, who had raped her. Don’t know if that was her choice or it she was forced to marry him. They had two boys during their marriage. It did not last and Mamie took the children and moved to California. Where and how they moved about after that, I do not know. And, as Selena wrote, details are rather sketchy about anything following.
    Kathy will not be able to defeat the Democratic candidate, whether it be John Fetterman or Conor Lamb.
    Bill, I agree. Maybe we should switch to Oz. Although for myself, I was never for Kathy in the first place. Kathy will not answer Selena’s questions, and they are reasonable questions.
    Thank you, Bill for bringing this article to our attention.

  2. I’m not voting for the hedge fund guy, and I’m not voting for anyone in single digits.

    So, I guess it’s Oz.

    Or maybe Kathy can provide definitive answers to Salena’s questions.

    Just six days left, though.

  3. Oz resides in New Jersey. He is a carpet bagger. Where did he vote in the last four elections? Was it PA or NJ? If he doesn’t live in PA he is Constitutionally ineligible to run for Senate in PA. Period.

    1. If Oz wasn’t legally eligible to run, it would have been pretty clear pretty quickly.

      I’m not wild about Oz but he’s better than Fetterman and if Kathy won’t answer those questions — or if she was wildly lying on her resume — she’s going to lose in November.

      1. The most up to date information I can find is that Mehmet Oz finally registered to vote in PA last year, using his in laws address.

        In my personal opinion he is a carpet bagger. He is not (or just barely) a Pennsylvania resident. As such Oz will never get my vote.

        You stated it would be clear if he were legally ineligible to run but never forget this wouldn’t be the first time the RINOs threw a race. Look at the endorsed candidate for Delco sheriff last year. He had to bow out in shame at the 11th hour and the gentleman who stepped up to replace him barely had time to campaign.

        I do not trust the Republicans, especially the majority of the one I know.

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