Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records

Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records

UPDATE: Trump Says Kathy Cannot Win In November

Kathy Barnette has forwarded her military records to Jack Posobiec showing she served with the Army National Guard of Alabama and as a Reserve of the Army from Sept. 24, 1993 to Dec. 5, 1997 leaving with a rank of E4 and an honorable discharge. 

Guess she’s got our vote back. 

She should probably get a new PR guy.

Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records
Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records

5 thoughts on “Kathy Barnette Releases Military Records”

  1. Next she needs to release her voting record in PA…Wait, that’ll be hard to do considering she’s never voted here prior to 2020 when she ran for Congress with the MontCo swamp to fundraise for the establishment.

    1. The same goes for Mehmet Oz. If I understand this correctly Oz has only voted in Pennsylvania once, last year. He is Constitutionally ineligible to run in Pennsylvania. I suspect if he wins the Primary all that will come out as an “October Surprise” and by then will be too late to put anyone else on the ballot.

  2. Told ya all she never served active duty. This woman has zero qualifications to run for political office—let alone U.S. Senate, yet has been going around bragging about serving in the army and being a veteran, 4 yrs, really?!? Ppl are so gullible to believe this person, she has conned many! Ask her where she works as an adjunct professor…she is not one of those, Charlie Gerow has asked her and she could not answer bc she’s not a professor like she claims.

  3. It is still not enough. She showed me her true self when back in 2020, when she was getting her campaign together to run against Madeleine Dean. She is absolutely shameful for using her mother this way.

    Kathy Barnette’s military record does not mean a whole lot when you see how she has treated her mother. She has been exploiting her mother for her own political gain this whole time and no one cares? I had conversation with her mother. She was going along with Kathy so Kathy could have some kind of success. The story Kathy tells is not truth. Not a total lie, but not the truth. Kathy has told it in a way to make herself “special.” She is not. She is your run-of-the-mill woman with a chip on her shoulder and thinks she should be put on a pedestal. Her mother is a good woman and Kathy is taking advantage of her mother’s unfortunate past.

  4. Sorry but there are still questions here. First, Kathy Barnette’s website bio says she proudly served for 10 years in the Reserve. This document indicates that she served for less than eight years. I commend and thank her for that service but less than eight years is not 10 years.

    Also, this document is not a DD-214. It is a National Guard document that is similar. However, since this is apparently what she has, it would appear that she served less than 90 days on active-duty orders (otherwise she should have received a DD-214). Again, I commend her and thank her for that service but one wonders why in more than seven years that she was on active duty for only a very short time, if at all.

    She rightly highlights her military service but she needs to be fully transparent and very careful and honest about that service. You can take it to the bank that if she wins the primary the Democrats will examine her bio very carefully and bring up anything and everything that is off.

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