Firefighters Fight In 108th

Firefighters Fight In 108th

By Bob Small

After long term Pennsylvania 108th District Rep Lynda Schlegal-Culver  (12 years) won a special election on Jan. 31 for State Senate District 17, a special election was scheduled to replace her in the 108th.

It will be Tuesday, May 16.

Running are Trevor Finn (D), Michael Stender (R) and Elijah Skretching (L).  

The district  is In Montour and Northampton counties, including Rockefeller Township.  It has been a Republican seat for about 60 years.

For possibly the first time ever in a Pennsylvania State House race, both major Party Candidates are firefighters.

Trevor Finn worked at Finn’s News Agency, the family business.  He has been Commissioner of Montour County since 2004.  He has been operations chief and facilities commissioner if the Montour County Emergency Management Agency.  He has worked as an EMT and volunteer firefighter.  

He lives in Danville with his wife, Betsy, a kindergarten teacher.  They have two children who became teachers.

Michael Stender is a firefighter and a former emergency room technician.

Stender is a lifelong resident of Sunbury and he and his wife have three daughters. He is a Bloomsburg graduate and has done various volunteer work.

The Libertarian Candidate Elijah Scretching spent five years in the Marines. He lives in Northumberland Borough with his wife and daughter.

In a candidate’s debate,  he said “I want the people to have the power, not the government”.  He is in favor of having armed guards in the schools because “We have to stop being reactive and start being proactive.”

Firefighters Fight In 108th

Impostures of pretended patriotism William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 5-13-23

Impostures of pretended patriotism William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 5-13-23

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