#90 Scam Still Around Says FCC

#90 Scam Still Around Says FCC
Our staff hard at work investigating tales of the ancient internet.

The warning regarding #90 that has been circulating since the dawn of the world wide web remains with us.

It contains a nugget of truth but it doesn’t effect most telephones including cellphones.

Here is the  claim we have been asked to investigate by Judy M.

90# on your telephone
I dialed ‘0’ to check this out, and the operator confirmed that this was correct, so please pass it on.. (l also checked out snopes.com and truthorfiction.com This is true, and also applies to cell phones!)
I received a telephone call last evening from an individual identifying
himself as an AT&T Service Technician (could also be Telus) who was
conducting a test on the telephone lines. He stated that to complete the test  I should touch nine (9), zero (0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up.  Luckily, I was suspicious and refused.
Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#, you give the requesting individual full access to your telephone line, which enables them to place long distance calls billed to your home phone number.  I was further informed that this scam has been originating from many local jails/prisons. DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE…
After checking with Verizon they also said it was true, so
do not dial 90# for anyone !!!!! PLEASE HIT THAT FORWARD

So what does the FCC say about it?

The old traditional (wired) phone scam involving the 90# buttons on your business telephone is still around.. . . This scam only works if your telephone is served by a private branch exchange (PBX) or private automatic branch exchange (PABX). 

Just the same if an unsolicited caller asks you to do something it is always wise to just hang up.

#90 Scam Still Around Says FCC

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