Alieta Eck Seeks Lautenberg Seat

Alieta Eck Seeks Lautenberg Seat — A prominent conservative medical doctor and ObamaCare opponent, Alieta Eck, has decided to enter the Republican primary for the special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey left vacant by the death of Democrat Frank Lautenberg, reports Don Adams of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association Political Action Committee.

“While our PAC is not endorsing her candidacy at this time, we hope that, if you live in New Jersey, you migt consider helping her gather 1000 signatures  over the weekend and on Monday morning so that her name can be placed  on the ballot,” Adams said. ” Other conservative groups are already circulating petitions.”

Here are two important links–one to Dr. Eck’s website and one to her nominating petitions for download.

Click to access ecksenatepetition.pdf



Alieta Eck Seeks Lautenberg Seat

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