April 26 Ballot Question

April 26 Ballot Question — There will be one question on the ballot in Pennsylvania spring election, tomorrow, April 26. April 26 Ballot Question

While only registered Republicans and Democrats can vote in their parties’ respective primaries, all registered voters are eligible to weigh in on whether the Pennsylvania Constitution should be amended to abolish Philadelphia Traffic Court.

We think we are going to vote yes.

A question regarding raising the mandatory retirement ages for Pennsylvania judges has been moved to Nov. 8, according to Ballotpedia.

April 26 Ballot Question

One thought on “April 26 Ballot Question”

  1. “We think we are going to vote yes.”

    It has been a long Philadelphia tradition where magistrates have been expected to fix traffic tickets,
    Let’s keep some of our favorite rites.
    God bless you George Zacarious!

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